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Spread of information

With the elections still not over, there have been a lot of recounts and anxiety as to which state would become what color. Looking closely at each state though, there are counties that are clearly divided. And then there are regions in which there is a more moderate view. This can be explained by the […]

Information Diffusion in Blog Space Network

Recently, our course is mostly focused on the topic about Network Dynamics. From my own view, the contents about information diffusion and cascading behaviors are intriguing and are extremely applicable for us to learn about the large-scale network we’re in. In the lecture, professors introduced the concept of “information cascade”, that is, the information that […]

The Networks of Politics: To What Extent Does Social Media Help Garner Political Support? The growth of social media platforms and internet accessibility has transformed social and political scenes worldwide. Indeed, the likes of Facebook and Twitter provide a means to exchange information that is essential to the coordination of protest activities – this includes new about the protests themselves, turnout, and more. It has also been significant […]

Network Effects and Fortnite: How the Free-to-Play Model is Taking Over the Gaming Industry   In this class, we have lately been studying the idea of equilibriums in products and services that have what is called a “network effect”. A product that has a network effect is one in which the number of people using the product or service has an effect on how many people […]

Digital News Cascades

Source: I chose a piece on the idea of digital news cascade from the Nieman Lab. My motivation behind choosing this article is that the material we covered in class recently pertained to the cascading of technologies through networks and clusters. I was curious to see how ideas would fare in terms of network […]

Negative network effects in vaccinations   Many consumer companies, such as Apple, Facebook, and Google, offer products that have positive network effects. In other words, Facebook is more compelling to potential users, including Harvard undergraduates, today than it was when it was limited to only Harvard undergraduates. Its nature as a social networking tool makes it more valuable the […]

How modern cities could suffer the same fate as ancient Angkor We talked a lot about cascading network behavior in class and how adopting one small thing can result in a cascading effect that spreads throughout the entire network. There have been many examples relating to cascades in friend groups and information cascades with modern […]

Funko Pop Culture The benefits of investing in Pop! toys Funko, a company dedicated to making collectible figures based on pop culture, provides a fascinating example of using networks for monetary gain. By striving to obtain more licenses than any other company (see link), they have been able to market products to a large variety of […]

The spread of American slang across Twitter   Discussed in this article is the spread of slang words across America. Forensic linguist Jack Grieve examined over 9 billion tweeted words to determine how exactly they spread across the map. He found some particularly interesting results that he used infographics to display in an aesthetically pleasing manner. What’s more important though is […]

Film critics speaking as one

Healthy Tomatoes? The Danger of Film Critics Speaking as One The article talks about the diminishing of critic influence over time and how the influence has slowly recovered over summer. However, the author deems this recovery bad because it results in critics and audiences completely shunning movies too quickly. For example, they use three films […]

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