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Influencers are Changing Advertisement

This article discusses the reasons for using influencers on social media to advertise. Creating a product that gains attention is best advertised by someone who gets a lot of attention and is trusted by many. Influencers are like celebrities in a commercial, but better. It does not feel like a commercial, it feels like a genuine review from a trusted friend; at least that is the goal, according to Fidelman. Authenticity is how influencers gained their positions in the media, so it is extremely important for selling products that the influencer and their audiences can believe in.

I think that the media is everchanging the way things are advertised to us. Which is why the model we learned about for buying advertisements on webpages needs to be updated in a way. People add ad-blockers to their browsers, and many advertisements lead to shady websites. This is all speaking from experience. Influencer marketing is an entirely new system from ad slots and bids but may also take a similar form. YouTube influencers may have different content that seems more appealing to different advertisers, but it’s not quite the same as bidding. YouTubers want to make money, but their relationships with their audiences is also important and they tend not to endorse products that they cannot use or that they do not approve of. Now that the world of advertising online has evolved, the model we have observed in class is far less effective. Any new model is far more complex and likely way too complex to even model, since human behavior is so unpredictable.


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