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Game Theory and Congressional Gridlock In class we have discussed quite a bit about game theory in general and Nash equilibrium specifically. One of the more interesting takeaways is how often that the benefit to two players in a Nash equilibrium situation often enjoy less collective benefit than if they had found a way to coordinate their efforts and […]

Bow Tying the Social Network

While we have talked about relational graphs and power of social network, we might not have observed their connections to the network’s structure. According to the article “How Close Are You Really?” from the MIT Technology Review, social scientists have been trying to measure the strength of ties based on the network structure, combining major […]

Information Cascades and Over-Hyped Restaurants You sit down at a dimly lit restaurant. The waiter brings you a cocktail and a small tuna tartare. After eating four bites of the slightly above average dish, your bill comes out to $45. However, when your friend asks you how you liked the restaurant, you will probably say it was a great […]

Four Ways to Check a Company’s Vulnerability to Disruption In this article, Benstead summarizes the four ways that investors can assess if a company is resilient or vulnerable to disruption. The four ways that Benstead said can be used to measure the company’s vulnerability included: 1) edge vs core, 2) network effect, 3) capital and 4) distribution network. The edge versus core argument […]

Page Rank and 301 Redirects This article discusses how Google assigns Page Rank to pages that are accessed through 301 redirects. For some background, 301 redirects are used to redirect one URL to another. If a company decides to change its name, or move its domain for whatever reason, it makes sense to set up a 301 redirect so […]

Bayes’ Rule in Machine Learning

Source: In class, our examples of applications of Bayes’ rule have been somewhat straightforward, with typical examples being marbles out of a bag and the likelihood of someone having a disease given they tested positive. Another area where Bayes’ rule is applied is in machine learning. Machine learning may sound like a “buzzword” that […]

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