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Change in Bidding Method Increases Ad Prices

http:// The following article post discusses the framework surrounding the advertisement market. Traditionally, advertisement bids were run on a second price bid in which the winning bidder takes home the winning prize but pays the price of the second. In recent times, however, there has been a shift to first price bidding in which the […]

Collusion in Ascending Bid Auctions Around the world auctions are an extremely common way that people do business. In ascending bid auctions, one potential buyer bids and then other potential buyers are asked if they want to raise the bid. It can be shown that the dominant strategy for each buyer is to bid up until they reach how […]

WhatsApp and The Spread of Misinformation through Information Cascades

Link: This article from the New York Times called forth attention toward a certian worldwide messaging app, WhatsApp. Specifically, its ablity to spread information, true or false, with ease. Various countries worldwide, like India, Brazil, and Kenya, were subject to WhatsApp spread of misinformation and led many of its users to make bad decisions based […]

Matching Markets in History and Now – Marriage

Mate Selection and Marriage “Scoring ” Partners Often times we don’t see that selection similar to the of a matching market often occurs in our dating lives. Matching markets exist in every aspect in our lives–from what we eat, from where we go/live, and even who we choose to date and, eventually, marry. This often […]

Online Guitar Auctions

Brave New World: A Guide to Navigating Online Guitar Auctions With the existence of the Internet, the market for vintage guitars exists also on a virtual level, through online auctions. In the article, the author distinguishes between several different types of virtual auctions that can exist/are the most common for vintage guitars. The first category […]

Sold For More Than What You Should have Paid

link: The article cited the fact that in resolving the problem of buyers losing auctions when they shouldn’t, Single Shared Platform (SSP) and Demand-side Platform (DSP) have shifted towards first-price auctions. However, researchers have carried out real-world investigation and found that changing to first-price auctions actually increases costs, even with mitigation in place. Instead, the […]

It’s Dominant to Collude

The ACM SIGecom Exchanges Newsletter published an article by Morteza Zadimoghaddam from MIT, and Microsoft Researchers Yoram Bachrach and Peter Key about how although truthful bidding is a dominant strategy in a VCG Auction, this is not always the case when bidders begin to collude. This article specifically looks at the scenario when multiple bidders […]

Bayes’ Theorem in email spam filtering

Bayes’ Theorem describes the conditional probability an event is going to happen based on the prior knowledge of conditions related to this event. It can be used in drug testing. It can also be used to predict people’s probability of having some kind of disease according to their age or gender. However, one of the most […]

Quality over Quantity – in Advertising

Articles: Twitter gets about 85% of its revenue from advertising according to bbc, so one could be excused for believing that their number of active users and their revenue should perfectly correlated. Yet one would be wrong. On Thursday, Twitter “posted stronger than expected sales and profits for the third quarter despite a […]

Has Tinder Become the Newest Mobile Game?

In the past, people hoped to find their significant other through casual conversations at the grocery store or through a slow, yet romantic “friendship” with a coworker at work. As technology became more advanced and a part of everyone’s daily routine, it also transformed the dating world. Instead of face-to-face conversations, “sliding into the DM’s” […]

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