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Matching Markets, the new iPhones, and iOS 12 These articles discuss the latest products that Apple has come out with: the iPhone XS, the iPhone XR, and iOS 12. The iPhone XS, Apple’s latest, most premium phone, goes for $1,000 and up and comes with all the bells and whistles, such as a fancy screen and a double lens camera system. The […]

Page Rank for Baidu

Baidu, as the largest and most widely-used search engine in China, doesn’t have a Pagerank System like Google does. However, in 2016, the company temporarily released a tool for SEOs, named “intimacy checker” (“度娘亲密度” in Chinese). With the tool, you can check how strong your websites stand in Baidu’s search result.  According to Baidu’s official […]

Information Cascades and Revolutions

Articles: From the Arab Spring to the fall of the Soviet Union, revolutions can take the world by storm. A collective effort by a significant population, a revolution must have to start from somewhere. How can we get a group of people to stand up and rise up against unfair regimes? As it […]

The Role of Information Cascades in Video Games

One subtle and surprisingly effective marketing strategy is “word of mouth.” In a Forbes article, Kimberly Whitler argues that word of mouth is the most important form of ‘social media,’ claiming that consumers trust word of mouth marketing “above all others.” Whitler goes on to describe three significant word of mouth case studies to illustrate […]

How Google’s Ad Rank Works

Google Ads is an online platform where advertisers pay to display brief overviews of their businesses, services, and products. There’s no doubt that Google, being the premier search engine of the world, receives a large amount of offers from a multitude of advertisers worldwide. So how exactly does Google’s Ads auction work? To shed some […]

China’s Own Search Engine China’s government has always been very cautious with the information that is readily accessible to its citizens. With this is mind, Google is testing a mobile version of its own search engine, named “Dragonfly”, specifically following China’s censorship ideals. In 2010, Google removed its search engine in China, reporting that Google “could no longer […]

Structural Balance in the Social Networks of Hyraxes.

Researchers studying animal behavior have noticed that structural balance properties appear in not just humans, but also animals like wild rock hyraxes (also known as rock rabbits). We tend to think that more cognitively developed animals like primates or dolphins would be socially complex enough to have structural balance behavior. However, even rodent-like mammals such […]

What Defines a Meme?

The article “What Defines a Meme?” compares ideas and information to biological concepts. It looks at how memes, a term coined by evolutionary biologist Dawkins, spreads through societies by comparing them to living organisms that evolve, spread, and die. Today when people think of the word “meme,” they think of Internet jokes shared through social […]

On-line Market Startups and Network Effects

With the internet, it is possible for companies to facilitate large-scale markets between sellers and buyers who may otherwise have nowhere to interact, such as eBay, Craigslist, AirBnB, and Uber. But as a start-up attempting to enter one of these markets, what strategy should you take? The article I read “Network Effects Are Not Enough” […]

The importance of social networks for startup investors

Source: The article goes over some of the important considerations a startup founder must think about when bringing in outside investors to their venture. Contrary to what many outside of the startup world may believe, money is not the greatest asset that a potential investor brings to the table. As the article explains, giving […]

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