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Joseph Zolik, jz565 Article Referenced:   The article discusses the evolution of Google’s search engine over its 20 years of business. The original method of search engine was called Backrub and it was two college students’ way of rudimental way to determine the importance of each webpage. However, it was PageRank that made them outpace […]

Understanding The Diversification Of Google Search Results Google, naturally, runs its business and gets its loyal users based off of how successful its search results are. Therefore, it is imperative that Google comes up with the most accurate results depending on the few words the user types into the search bar. We beg the question as to how Google comes up […]

Fashion as an Information Cascade Since the concept of fashion arose, trends in fashion — what is considered in style, new, or attractive and what is considered out of style, boring, or unattractive — have existed. However, for a trend in fashion to arise, there must be multiple people contributing to making it one. Additionally, as with most or […]

Does torture work? The research says, “No”

The article mainly discussed whether torture is useful from the psychological point of view.   The researchers developed a new experimental method, participants were instructed to keep specific information hidden from an opponent while their hand was in varying temperatures of ice water (a cold pressor test that causes pain). Further, their opponent (actually a […]

First-Price Auctions Are Driving Up Ad Prices This article concerns how programmatic platforms interact with different auction types, namely the first-price and second-price auctions. Programmatic advertising refers to the use of computer software to purchase digital advertising, an automated version of the purely human oriented method, in which there is a high degree of manual work.  The article discusses how previously, […]

AI is better than people at creating ad campaigns, study shows.

According to this article from the newsletter and news platform Axios, ad campaigns constructed by smart machines are more effective than humans at choosing convincing ads and placing them where they will matter most, a new study shows. This means that ads reaped greater impressions, brand familiarity or interest, and purchase considerations when picked and […]

The Vicious Circle Of SEO (And How To Beat It)

The Vicious Circle Of SEO (And How To Beat It) PageRank is a key part in how websites are valued on the web. In class we learned about how networks of websites form–each node carries its own PageRank score. Webpages link to other websites, and there are two important parts of PageRank Updates: the updates […]

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