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Information Cascades and Political Activism With midterms approaching, I figured it would be apt to discuss the effect of information cascades on certain demographics’ voting, namely youths. The advice given in the article focuses on three main points: “Point out when celebrities encourage their fans to be politically active”, “Get your children involved in other ways”, and “Talk about […]

More Bid Options and Strategies for Google Ads In recent years, search engines like Google and social networks like Facebook have used auctions to generate their revenue. Take Google, for example, they run an auction called “Adwords” where website owners pay a certain amount of money for their ad to show up when a specific word is typed. However, the auction process […]

The Auction for Sky Sports This article describes the situation that Sky Sports was in about a month ago.  It had Comcast and Fox bidding to buyout the company. They had been making bids and counter bids for a few months already so the UK regulators decided to put an end to it by setting up a final […]

The Cosmic Web Cool 3D visualization: The World Wide Web is linked through the use of paths and connected components, which allows for people to effectively find what they’re looking for. Similarly, the cosmic web, “a set of discrete galaxies held together by gravity,” is also connected through paths and connected components which, with future progress, will […]

Ways to get to the top of google search

Being on the top of Google’s search page is the most effective way to attract visitors to a website as google is the biggest search engine out there. Let’s say you have a clothing shop and you have a website that sells your clothes, you want to make sure that when someone types any query […]

Natural Games: Game Theory as a Thermodynamic Process

As game theory for the mathematical modeling of human behavior was inspired by the behavior of thermodynamic systems, it is only fitting that behavior in game theory can be viewed directly from the perspective of thermodynamic processes, as Anttila and Annila discuss in their article “Natural games”. In game theory in general (as we have […]

Hubs and Authorities in the World Trade Network

This paper utilizes the HITS algorithm developed by Jon Kleinberg to explain the changes in hub and authority values of countries in the world trade network (WTN) from 1992 to 2012, and provides an analysis on how and why these changes have led to China currently having the highest authority value in the WTN . […]

TWITTER and PAGE RANK?   The paper is about the potential of the generic Page Rank algorithm being applied to multiple other systems that involve ranking importance of elements. Specifically, this paper focused on Twitter and how PageRank can be applied to the social network graph of its follower relations. To conduct his research the author used a […]

Improving Diagnosis of Rare Genetic Diseases Through Matching Markets With the genetic information available to us today, detecting genetic diseases is easy in theory. But matching the disease to the symptoms and the genetic code isn’t so easy for doctors everyday, especially when you’re looking at rare diseases. This article discusses a new algorithm, called “Phrank” (phenotype+rank) created by Gill Bejerano’s team at […]

Matching and Market Clearing in the context of internships

We often think of market clearing in terms of a buyer and a seller. One person has goods or commodities that the other buyer wants to procure. Buyers can establish costs of their goods, and sellers can either match that cost, or withdraw from the exchange. However, market clearing can be extended to a variety […]

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