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Google’s technique in ranking sites

When you make a search on google, do you ever wonder why the list of websites come up in the order that they do. This is due to Google’s search engine optimization that it is continually updating and changing. Google uses a list to rank the importance of the sites in an effort to order them best when a search is made. It has been the goal of many company to attempt to create their sites in the perfect image to Google’s list in order rank high and be a commonly found search item. This has been very hard for companies to keep up with as Google is constantly changing the criteria by which it ranks. Google has recently shifted value away from content based on keywords to increasing the value of content that is more relevant and using everyday language. This has made the search better for the user as a more useful information will be displayed based on relevance on the topic of discussion and not the specific words used. Another ranking factor/value that Google’s search utilizes is mobil effectiveness. This has quickly become more relevant as everyone is walking around with a mini computer in their pockets. Sites that adapt well for both the computer and mobile devices will be ranked higher and rewarded with a higher value. Slow mobile speeds and poor adaptability will penalize your site. Dwell time and repeat visitors are two more large factors used in the rankings. Both statistics show the relevancy and usefulness of your site as a visitor spends more time looking for information or returning for more. One other major factor is your sites presence on social media. The more times your content is shared, the more useful and informative your site is seen. There has been a direct link between number of shares and site rank.

This can be seen in the course in the direct use of page rank in the world. Google uses assigned values to these aspects of a site in order to optimize their own site and improve the experience of their users. This information also allows them to keep track of the trending and most popular information. They use the same techniques when advertising on their sites in order to get the most views and optimize who is seeing the information. The constant updates of the search engine optimization criteria show the continued relevancy and importance of the field and the purpose of continued learning in the field.


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