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Targeted Ads, or Targeted Discrimination?

As we have seen in class, online marketing nowadays is based on making impressions. Ads online are focused on getting your interests so that you will click on them. Thereby advertisers are paying “per click.” But how do advertisers make sure they’ll leave the strongest impression? Well, in that case, the internet serves as a […]

Plane Ticket Pricing

I’ve been recently booking plane tickets and hoping to find the best price with as few stops and layovers as possible. Consequently, I became interested in how plane ticket pricing worked. Here is a resource I found online : I mostly focused on reading sections 1-3 because I can’t pretend to understand the later […]

Advertising on YouTube This article discussed a recent shift in Google’s advertising strategy given the popularity of YouTube (which Google owns), Amazon, and Facebook. For years, Google has been one of the technological giants of the web, making about $100 billion each year, a majority of which comes of the advertisements on Google. With the increasing popularity […]

A new take on the Prisoner’s Dilemma In this article, a group of professors performed a study in which they recreated the prisoner’s dilemma but with altercations. In this study, they took a group of about 792 participants and performed the prisoner’s dilemma on these participants. They then performed this same experiment multiple times on the same people and regrouped them […]

Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity endorsements are among the most popular forms of advertisement by companies and especially fashion brands. They have evolved from simple commercials to full on ambassadorship positions- you can see brand ambassadors on Instagram feed and on college campuses every day. Two very prominent examples of the power of celebrity endorsements comes from the sports […]

Fox, Comcast Fight for Sky Could End in Sealed Bids Not only do auctions take place for collectors’ items and such merchandise, they are an essential tool for determining the winners of mergers and acquisitions. In the recent Media Merger frenzy due to fear of the future and to combat companies such as Google, Netflix, and Facebook, the media company, Sky, has become […]

Amazon’s Top Choice or Top Ad Slot A company that is coming closer and closer to Google in both publicity and market value is Amazon. While Amazon still receives most of its revenue from retail, it is continuing to branch into the online ad market. Millions of users submit search queries daily looking for a product that will fit their needs […]

Google’s PageRank in 2018 The article talks about Page Rank which is a google algorithm that helps to determine the page rank of a web page. The first quarter of the article explains how this algorithm works on a really basic level. The next quarter of the article talks about how useful it is in determining what links […]

Ad-blockers are good for advertisers.

In 2017, more than 70% of Google’s revenue came from the advertising industry. This revenue amounted to around 95.4 billion dollars. It would therefore be expected that the current ad block systems that are becoming more and more popular would significantly harm this income. While it is true that Google targets their advertisement based on […]

Auctioning in the Emissions Trading System

In light of recent political decisions and scientific reports, global climate change has become one of the most pressing issues in the news. Scientists warn that countries will have to take “unprecedented actions” over the next decade to avoid warming that will have devastating effects on the planet. One policy that has achieved significant success […]

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