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Bow Ties in the Corporate World Recently in class, we learned about the concept of the “bow-tie structure” of the World Wide Web (WWW). The main idea is that the web consists of one giant strongly connected component (SCC), in which there is an extremely large number of sites that all have links between one another; an “in” component, in […]

Google Dataset Search and Its Implementation As more and more data scientists continue to extract previously-untapped value from large collections of data for scientific, economic, and medical purposes, one of the most helpful and empowering tools recently created has been Google’s Dataset Search. The service essentially helps data scientists locate and explore a large portion of the world’s publicly available […]

Marketing for Black Friday Using PageRank Ideas Although for most of us consumers, the plethora of deals available on Black Friday has not even crossed our minds yet. However, according to Jamie Faulkner, that should not be the case for any businesses planning on partaking in this nationwide sales event. Faulkner’s article, “How to Maximize Your Sales Ahead of Black Friday […]

The Success of K-POP Boy band   Since social media has connected music industries across the globe, the number of followers or mentions on Twitter hint an artist’s popularity. The most tweeted musicians in the US in 2017 is BTS who was followed by Nicki Minaj and Harry Styles. BTS is a seven-member South Korean boy band that has been […]

Google’s search algorithm Google invited CNBC to learn how their search algorithm works following a myriad of recent bias complaints accusing them of skewing search results to contain pages with political bias and stifling competition by offering their own services over other sites’ services. The topic of this particular meeting was whether to add photos next to […]

$38.8 Billion decided in closed auction bid for Sky PLC A very brief description of this piece: companies are competing to but Sky PLC- a pan-European, British media and telecommunications company. The  conclusion of this entire 21 month long fiasco was Comcast submitting a winning sealed bid for  Sky at $22.60 per share- in other words- Comcast will now gets to pay […]

Facebook’s Advertisement Auctions This article talks about the bidding that goes on behind Facebook ad bidding. The bidders with the highest price generally win (but not always), but they pay the lowest price possible. That is, they pay just a bit above the lowest bid. However, the bid value is not the only thing that is factored […]

Sports Forecasts

From The Warriors To The Knicks, How We’re Predicting The 2018-19 NBA   Much like in the world of weather, sports can have their own forecasts too. When looking at how a team will perform throughout the year there are many things to keep in mind that make analysts so good at what they do […]

Automated Internet Ad Auction Pricing This article discusses a recent shift in how internet ad auctions are being conducted, and its implications for ad buyers.  Whenever a user loads a web page with ads on it, the website conducts a quick auction of the ad positions on the page to Demand Side Platforms (DSP) where the highest bidder gets […]

Modern Web Search with Consideration of User Experience

During the recent courses, we’ve thoroughly and detailedly discussed about abstract networks —  the Internet and the web.  In my view, the topic about ranking the results we get from querying the web is extremely useful to modern people living in such an intensively information-based society. In the class, the professor introduced the PageRank algorithm, […]

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