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Climate Change: Through the eyes of Game Theory

Reference Link: Climate change has been the topic of some serious discussion these past couple of years. President Obama signing the Paris Climate Agreement and President Trump pulling out of it at the first chance he got is indicative of the intense debate surrounding the perception, existence and resolution of climate change. On a […]

Game Theory and the Stock Market The Nash Equilibrium & Its Stock Price The article How to Exploit Game Theory for Profit by Aaron Brown makes a unique case for the benefits and disadvantages of using purely game theory to estimate stock purchases and growths. The author introduces the article by describing how game theory can be applied to the market. […]

How to make new friends: as explained by the Networks book

Friends are really important. Even our Networks textbook acknowledges this, sharing the fun fact that teenage girls who have a low clustering coefficient are more likely to contemplate suicide. So, when I came across the article “7 Tips For Making New Friends” (, I immediately clicked into it. I will summarize the tips given, while […]

The invite system for the OnePlus One–/   OnePlus jumped into the smartphone market in 2014 with it’s OnePlus One. Despite being a new smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus gained market traction through several decisions, one of which selling their first phone invite-only selling over one million units by the end of 2014.   In class we are studying game theory and […]

Game Theory in Film Industry

Film industry is one of the fastest growing and most competitive industries in the world right now. There are countless films being produced each year, and some of them are featuring the same topic. Not all the movies can have a huge box-office income, and the releasing time of the film is a key factor […]

Limitless Applications- How Game Theory can prevent Disease Outbreaks

- -Perhaps one of the most troubling issues in today’s society revolves around something that has been foreshadowed as early as H.G. Well’s book in 1897 The War of the Worlds: the potency of diseases. Throughout the 21st century, the rise of diseases and the outbreaks has had a notable effect with extreme cases like Ebola […]

Game Theory and Run-Pass Option offenses in Football The Eagles’ 2018 Super Bowl win represented an ideological shift in the world of American Football. Philly’s high powered offense took down the nearly tyrannical New England Patriot’s dynasty, using an offensive system with humble roots. Run options have been a college football staple for decades. Take for example the play outlined below. The offensive […]

How to “Win” the National Resident Matching Program

Source: Fixing the “Match”: How to Play the Game: Perhaps one of the most stressful events in a medical student’s academic career is The Match, or more specifically, the National Resident Matching Program. This is the data-driven algorithm that matches students from all over the country into specific specialties using an intricate algorithm, the research […]

Cornell Sorority Rush as a Matching Mechanism (with Game Theory) An interesting academic paper by Susan Mongell and Alvin E. Roth considers sorority “rush,” or the process by which american college students join sororities, as a two-sided matching mechanism. The authors attempt to study the mechanics of the rush process because it is often unstable and/or too competitive. The conclusion of the paper was […]

Bidding to Catch a Ride

Most of us are familiar with Uber and Lyft. When needed, you open your app, request a ride, and arrive at the destination you desire. The price of the ride: varies. Some days at certain times the price is very cheap, other times it is twice or thrice what you would pay, commonly known as […]

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