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What is the value of a paperclip?

Source: I was recently listening to an episode of “Ted Radio Hour” and I came across this Ted talk (linked above) about someone who traded a paperclip for a house on Craigslist. Kyle MacDonald, the mastermind behind this crazy idea, wondered if he could trade a red paperclip for anything–maybe something grand like a […]

The Trade War between the U.S. and China: A Prisoner’s Dilemma It’s been almost three months since the Trump administration imposed its first round of tariffs on some $34 billion of Chinese goods. In that time, economists and investors have projected various iterations of a dismal domino effect in which the U.S and China repeatedly retaliate with tariffs against one another. In his article “Trade […]

Auctioning the Sky

This article talks about the auction that will be taking place this Saturday over the huge takeover sale for Sky PLC between Comcast Corp and 21st Century Fox Inc. After a 21-month long sale process, this auction will result in the ultimate buying of the London-based Sky which right now runs a market value of […]

How to make friends (according to Network Theory)

It is intimidating to approach a new person and become friends. In this article, the author suggests a few strategies based on theories to make new friends. Chameleon effect: people liking someone who is similar to them. Mere-exposure effects: people feel closer to things that they encounter more often. Spontaneous trait: the condition in which […]

Evolutionary Game Theory and Spontaneous Brain Activity   Significant evidence in the past has shown that the brain is constantly firing and different regions are in communication even when the person is completely at rest. These spontaneous signals are also unique to each person, making them an area of great interest to researchers. Further research has shown that this firing is […]

Tariff War, Through the Lense of a Network System

Source: The article “Trump Announces New Tariffs on Chinese Imports” written by Jacob M. Schlesinger and Vivian Salama for the Wall Street Journal discusses President Trump’s administration plan to pressure China into modifying its commercial and trade policies through an imposed 10% tax on $200 billion goods that are imported from China. The issue […]

Game Theory in Blood Supply Chains The article linked above discusses an application of game theory in the medical field. Specifically, it proposes using game theory to facilitate the distribution of donated blood to hospitals and patients in need effectively. The article begins by describing some of the unique features and constraints of blood supply chains, including their time sensitivity, […]

Formula 1: A high speed approach to games and strategy

Link to article: The article discusses strategies in Formula 1 and why the general formulation of these strategies has had to evolve over time. Modifications to the refueling rules and the introduction of a single tyre supplier are examples of changes that brought about this evolution. In Formula one, companies play games not only against […]

Nash’s Equilibrium in Dating Apps

Nash’s Equilibrium, as learned in lecture, is a mixed strategy where each player’s unique strategy is optimal given the strategies of all opposing players. Now, one can think of Nash Equilibrium from the perspective of “players” who use dating apps. The general strategy of dating apps users is evident: A profile shows what gender someone […]

LinkedIn and Weak Tie In this article, it claimed that the weak ties in life are the best networking sources to use when finding a job. As a college student, I felt related to this theory. Thinking of networking, people usually first think of their close friends or co-workers. However, as LinkedIn recorded, most of the successful […]

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