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Matching in College Admissions?   Even though most us are well along into our academic careers here at Cornell, many of still remember the dreadfulness of (the first half of) senior year of high school, having to deal with college admissions.   In theory, the Common App is supposed to make the process less stressful by making it […]

Trump’s Blow to Iranian Oil Sparks Curious Price Divergence In this Bloomberg article written by Serene Cheong, the U.S. government’s decision to end its deal with Iranian oil exports has resulted in a demand for an alternative supply of oil. While Dubai may produce crude oil similar in quality to Iran’s crude oil, it is London’s Brent that is beginning to dominate the […]

Matching Markets in Residency Programs

The concepts associated with graph theory, networks, and game theory can seem a bit abstract when they’re just laid out as variables and numbers in a textbook, but they have a vast array of applications to the real world—and not just in traditional sectors like economics. We can see applications of game theory and market […]

Auction of collection of Lincoln artifacts This article discusses the auction of an extensive collection of Abraham Lincoln related artifacts that will take place on September 27th. This collection contains many unique artifacts (around 740), the values of which cannot be calculated. The owner of these artifacts, Harold Holzer, had spent roughly 50 years hunting for these artifacts, which will […]

Benefits of Weak Ties What if I told you that your relationship to those couple of friends on Facebook, gym buddy, or even neighbor down the street was leading to the improving of both your physical and mental health? The author in the article linked above argues that casual interactions and weak ties in one’s network is associated […]

Blockchain Dapps as a Model for Traffic and Nodes The article linked above is one of many special reports by The Economist; this edition covers the sudden advent of decentralized applications (dapps) upon the invention of blockchain. Dapps, while not as of yet a household name, are among the up-and-coming trends made possible by blockchain and crypto-currency technology. Our current status quo for […]

Can game theory prevent disease outbreaks?

Its often difficult for authorities to decide what to do when there’s a disease outbreak, sick people on a plane, or general vaccination procedures. For example, weighing the upfront cost of vaccination (financial, time, pain, possible immune system reaction) in comparison to the benefit (not getting sick) seems like a straight-forward decision. However, if everyone […]

Madman Theory One of the strongest brand clamping down on our nation is Trump. Trump has been tremendously successful at imposing himself as the craziest and most bizarre ‘the Madman’ on the block. In late 2017, Trump told the U.S. trade representative, “You tell [the South Koreans] if they don’t give the concessions now, this crazy […]

Why Startups Are Leaving Silicon Valley In the September 1st cover story of The Economist the author makes the bold claim that Silicon Valley has reached its peak and supports the claim with evidence that brings into play important concepts we’ve covered in class. Despite all of the merit and glory of the Valley, it seems as though people are […]

Game Theory as it Applies to High Competition Industries and Areas The following article discusses an interesting relationship between external competition and how that affects “player strategy” and Nash equilibrium. According to the author of the piece, those who function within a more competitive and high stakes environment tend to elicit behavior that benefits others at higher rates. This conclusion was first derived from a […]

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