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Game Theory and Cooperativeness seen in Competitive Manufacturing Industries A study on the manufacturing industries in the U.S. and Germany revealed that companies in more-competitive industries were more likely to exhibit behavior that was cooperative among their employee base. Employees at competitive companies were more likely to band together via sharing, cooperation and volunteering in their roles than employees at other companies. The […]

Use of Game Theory to Improve High School and University Application Process

  A New York Times article by Tracy Tullis examines how game theory helped improve New York City’s high school application process (Link 1). While the article focuses on the application to the high school application process, the theories introduced are also applicable to other admission processes such as for college. Moreover, it is interesting […]

How Investors Use Game Theory to Tackle the Trump Age

source:–investors-tackle-the-trump-age-40919.html?section=3 Although the US market has demonstrated strong economic conditions than years ago, some investors are discouraged and often have to reevaluate their decisions due to the instability in the political landscape. Right now, according to the article, most investors are focused on the US economic expansion, specifically delineated by the steady increase in corporate […]

How the Game Theory Explains Disease Outbreaks

As discussed in class, the game theory is often used to model how a rational decision-maker will make their choice based on both their personal preference and the choices that the people surrounding them will make. The article entitled “Game theory can help prevent disease outbreaks” discusses the game theory in relation to the social […]

Geeks and Fandoms Becoming Global This article mainly examined cultural considerations of children and adolescents who are involved with commonly stigmatized groups and thus called “geeks.” People who are in these minority groups have historically tended to become more isolated and distant from others in their “offline” life as they avoided discussing these personal interests with others in fear […]

Domestic Abuse and the Transition to a Balanced Social Network

One guaranteed way to gain power (emotionally or physically) over a person is through isolation. The process of isolation can manifest in varying forms. Some abusers will instill guilt in their victims for not “prioritizing” their relationship or for causing jealousy; or they will gain financial control, dictating activities and social outings; or they could […]

Game Theory in School Applications

In such a competitive college application environment nowadays, it can be hard to decide what schools to apply to and how to use one’s early decision opportunity. Tracy Tullis writes about a similar process in her New York Times article “How Game Theory Helped Improve New York City’s High School Application Process”. Much like the […]

Matching MIR Students with Hospitals in Spain

Matching-mir-students-with-hospitals-in-spain The article, written by Jose Luis Ferreira, discusses the problem with the current method of assigning medical graduates who passed the MIR exam to residency positions in Spain (MIRC). Currently, the graduate students who ranked the highest on the MIR exam gets to choose their preferred position, and the next highest student chooses the […]

Bid Shading – Game Theory Application

WTF is bid shading? This article discusses a new form of auctioning in programmatic advertising – bid shading. Traditionally, these transactions have been mostly second-price auctions, that is, the highest bidder only has to pay the second highest bid. For example, if there are two potential buyers in the market and one bids $15 while […]

How to make split second decisions in Super Smash Bros. Melee When playing Melee just like any other competitive game, there are instances in the game when very quick decision making can make or break the entire outcome of the game. In this small article a player breaks down the theory behind teching (an in game mechanic that governs how the character reacts after they […]

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