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Nash Equilibrium for life?

Our everyday decisions create a major impact in how our future will turn out to be. It’s amazing to think that we are literally one decision away from a whole new life. So far up to this point in our lives, every decision that we have made has led us to this exact moment, you […]

Game Theory of Tech-Chasing in Super Smash Bros. Melee

In a little over two months, the party game known as Super Smash Bros Melee will become a 17 year old game (that’s old!), a game whose active community is still a prominent figure in competitive e-sports today. If you’ve ever seen Melee game-play, you may have realized that it is different from the average […]

La Croix and Social Networks In this article, Jesus Garay examines the rise of the popular drink La Croix. The drink itself is not really anything special, being a lightly flavored sparkling water and not really bringing anything new to the table. However, even with it being a standard sparkling water drink something about La Croix had been picked […]

Auctioning and Parenting   This blog post speaks about how Game Theory can be used for parenting. It shows methods of Game Theory that can be used to convince kids to “play fair” in a way that children can understand. One of the options is called “Auction” which is a method that allows the child with the […]

Game Theory may help prevent disease outbreak   The article Game theory can prevent disease outbreaks by Istvan Zoltan Kiss and Nicos Georgiou discusses some issues that we, as society, face when dealing with major outbreaks mainly due to individual and governmental decisions. The authors propose that we can use Game Theory to combat discrepancy in actions by humans and government. […]

Jane Austen, Game Theorist It should come as no surprise that game theory, or the study of decision-making in interactions with rational players, has applications in the romantic genre. People wonder how they can maximize their outcomes with romantic partners, often strategizing and manipulating. Enter Jane Austen. One of literature’s most beloved authors, famous for […]

Hurricanes and Traffic Delays

With Hurricane Florence striking coastlines this week, millions of families needed to evacuate their homes to avoid the natural disaster. A spike in number of cars on the road, shutdown roadways, and a sense of urgency all cause traffic delays during emergency events and more routinely, at rush hour. During hurricane evacuations, the authorities will […]

Climate Change in the Context of Game Theory

Climate change is a major catastrophe that is looming on the horizon carrying many far reaching and complex consequences. Despite the immense sense there seems to be in the global community working towards abatement of greenhouse gas emissions and securing our future there has yet to be substantial steps in that direction. The article compared […]

Game theory and the 2012 badminton London Olympics championship

In the 2012 Olympics games, 8 badminton players were disqualified for not using their best effort. For the game between China and Korea, the winner would meet a very strong opponent in the knockout round, but the runnerup would meet a significantly weaker opponent in the knockout round. Therefore, the dominant strategy for both teams […]

Game Theory Applied to the Politics of “Elite Fracture” in Venezuela

The linked article from the New York Times features a discussion about the concept of “elite fracture” as it applies to the political situation in Venezuela circa 2017. Elite fracture refers to a situation wherein a critical mass of military and political officials and other elites “defect” in opposition to the ruling faction, in this […]

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