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Game Strategies in Big Brother   The long-lasting reality TV show “Big Brother” is currently on its twentieth season on CBS and I have been watching every second of it. “Big Brother” is a game show filmed 24/7 that lasts for about 3 months during the summer, where 16 houseguests live in one house together while cutoff completely from […]

Intelligence and Social Cohesiveness – Showing a Correlation through Game Theory

Source:   At first glance, this article doesn’t seem to be too relevant to networks – it simply presents a question about what makes a society work together better. It goes on to cite multiple theories, such as how society has a positive feedback cycle where being considerate to others leads to more people […]

Southwest Airline’s profitable strategy using Prisoner’s Dilemma

Link 1: Link 2: Unlike other airlines such as United and Delta, Southwest Airlines employs an unconventional boarding method that utilizes the concept of open-seating, as some movie theatres do. Specifically, travelers are welcomed to choose from the remaining free seats to their personal likings during the boarding process rather than being assigned […]

eBay auctions

Link:   Despite being in the shadow of online retail giants like Amazon, eBay has remained a popular method of buying and selling items through the internet. It has kept its market share by allowing individuals to buy and sell any goods they can imagine in its digital marketplace. The way in which eBay […]

The Space Arms Race

Link: Yesterday (9/17/2018), the president of SpaceX confirmed that it would definitely consider launching weapons into space if it meant protecting the US. This news came at the Air Force Association’s national conference, and was unsurprisingly met with an applause. Should this come as a surprise to us? It’s no secret that the U.S. is […]

Strong Triadic Closure Property and its Social Implications

While we see close friends in our personal lives, social media is often used for keeping in touch with all sorts of people that we know. From these more distant acquaintances we can acquire knowledge about what’s going on around the world and not just keep restricted to our tight social circle. Though close friends […]

Salary Negotiations and Game Theory One’s ability to negotiate on their salary is paramount, not only in their career, but amongst their entire life. According to an article published by the Society for Human Resource Management, approximately 39% of workers negotiated for a higher salary during their last job offer ( Unbeknownst to many workers, salary negotiation can be […]

Market Clearing Prices and Economics

There is a necessity for market clearing prices also known as an equilibrium. There has to be a balance between the value of the good from a buyer and a seller perspective. This is a network that operates in an economic situation. There will eventually reach a point where the valuation the buyer has for […]

Donald Trump and the News: A Graph Theory Interpretation

With the rise of “fake news” and Twitter as the President’s preferred vehicle of communication, online and television news coverage continue to gain significance in today’s politics. Trump has positioned himself as a Fox & Friends superfan. His active participation as a weekly guest on the show and regular affirmations of the network while in […]

Length Matters

When thinking about Game Theory we usually shift our thoughts to the very familiar Prisoner’s Dilemma. The Prisoner’s Dilemma is a game determining the best strategies for two prisoners who are unable to cooperate with each other. In the Prisoner’s Dilemma, it is presented that during the one-round game that it would be the most […]

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