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Triadic Closure Property and 6 degrees of separation- Fortnite

This article introduces the video game Fortnite, and explains how it became so popular so quickly. Its overall success is due to the creativity of the game, since that is what draws the users in to play and download it. In this blog post I will explain how a network among users also help with the spread with having the Triadic Closure Property in play.

Within a social network of friends and family new technology, games, and news are spread rapidly through the connections within it connections. If people are friends with each other they are more likely to hear about a new technology, new game, or new news. They are even more likely to buy the technology or download the game if there is trust between the friendship. This idea ties into the article in the case if one person sees an advertisement for a game- such as fortnite- download it, play it, and end up liking it, then they are likely to advertise and brag about this new game to their friends. They want their friends to play with them, giving their friends incentive to also download the game. Since they are friends and trust each other the friend is likely going to download it. Then this friend who downloads the game advertises it to one of their friends so the three of them can play.


This creates a network full of triadic closure property triangles. Triadic closure property states that within a triangle of nodes, if one node (person) has a positive edge (friendship) with two other nodes, then those two nodes (friends) must have a positive relationship as well. Therefor this idea of fortnite with downloading and sharing the game proves the triadic closure property to hold true in this network. The second friend (node) has two positive relationships (edges) with the first friend who introduced him to the game and a third friend who he then introduced the game too. Based on the property the first friend and third friend would also have a positive relationship since all three of them will play together creating a positive friendship.


This article idea also relates to the ideas we talk about in class how opinions and fads move so quickly through society and how the most popular thing is usually spread and used mostàsmall world phenomenon. So many people are now playing this game and have accounts that play each other. The small world phenomenon or the six degrees of separation idea- that you are always 6 edges/links away from someone- is applied here in that you are likely connected with a random person by at most 6 links from one of your friends on the game.


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