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Cardi B and Nicki Minaj

Today celebrities can have very complicated relationships with each other. Many celebrities, especially ones in the same industry, work and collaborate with each other all the time. Celebrities that don’t get along often are said to have “beef” with each other. Not having good relationships with someone who works in your industry can be problematic since you see them a lot and also are friends with people they are friends with. People who exemplify this problem are Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj both are very similar artists making hip-hop and pop music. They have very similar brands and collaborate with the similar artists and worked on a song together with Migos. When watching the video for the song Motorsport, it is noticeable that Cardi and Nicki aren’t in a single shot together. This is just one example of a relationship triangle with two positive edges and one negative one. This relationship is bound to exist with other people in the music industry and Cardi and Nicki. This relationship with one negative tie and two positive ones is an unstable triad.

This relationship is so unstable, that when the two of them were at New York Fashion Week, they got into a physical altercation. This fight left Cardi B with a huge bump on her head. They had both said things about each other in the past, but apparently, Nicki Minaj talking about Cardi B’s baby is where Cardi B drew the line. This is a real-life example that demonstrates how unstable a relationship with two negatives and a positive can be. The article above discusses how these negative relationships are very rare but are very important and should be studied further. It also discusses that even though two people have a negative relationship, if they are working in a “professional manner” they are both focusing on a goal. This would explain why Cardi and Nicki would agree to be on a song together. This relationship exists both with and regular people. Their unstableness is just amplified because they are two people in the public eye.


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