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Amazon – A Big Field Of Competition

This past May I interned for a company called Graywall Marketing which is an Amazon company, not a company owned by Amazon but one that sells products through this online market place. Throughout my month with Graywall I got to see a whole different side of Amazon that most shoppers don’t normally get to see. […]

Can Facebook Lower the Six Degrees of Separation?

One of the first things we covered in lecture was the idea behind the six degrees of separation. The six degrees of separation idea is the concept that anyone can be connected to any single other person in the world through at most six mutual connections of people. However, as we move further and further […]

Game Theory for Computer Games Design This particular work was very interesting to me because it covered the intersection of game theory and game development. I have played many games and have even designed some of my own and when I first heard about game theory I started thinking of the possible applications, whether in design or in making decisions […]

The Prisoners Dilemma of Doping in Sports

In his paper, “The Doping Dilemma: Some Game theoretical and philosophical considerations”, Gunnar Breivik explores different applications of game theory to doping in sports and evaluates its cause and whether or not it is truly problematic. One of the theories he uses for comparison is the Prisoner’s Dilemma. As we discussed in class the Prisoner’s […]

Can Salary Negotiations Be Represented as a Game?

As more and more of us continue to apply for jobs and internships, offers will soon be hitting the table, much to a student’s excitement. The article I looked at talked about modeling negotiations as a game where players present cards valuing the expected salary for a job position. The game they modeled was interesting […]

Examining the strength of weak ties in the 21st century

A Harvard Business Review article released in 2017 entitled “‘A Friend of a Friend’ Is No Longer the Best Way to Find a Job” attempts to assert that workplace ties, as opposed to weak ties, are the best method to find a job. The author, Ilana Gershon, suggests that while Granovetter’s theory was revolutionary at […]

Dating Apps and Nash Equilibrium   This article compares dating apps of India (Tinder and Tinder-like apps) and the West (such as Coffee meets Bagel and Bumble). The ratio of men to women on American dating apps is 6 to 4 and, even more than the skewed ratio, the activity of men on such apps being double that of […]

Strong Ties or Weak Ties More Beneficial?

Strong Ties or Weak Ties More Beneficial?   Few Friends or Many: Which is Best?   Everyone thinks that having a small, close-knit group of friends is more beneficial.  Small groups that you can trust makes you feel more at ease when drastic situations occur.  This belief is true throughout the world.  In […]

The Nash Equilibrium of Trump and Obama’s Midterm Strategies With the midterms fast approaching, former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump have begun pushing to appeal to voters with very different strategies and messages. While Obama urged a return to traditional conventions of democracy during his speech at Illinois, President Trump has remained steadfast in shunning convention. The article noted the completely […]

Kendricks- Prisoner’s Dilemma for Conspiracy to Commit Securities Fraud   This article discusses how NFL linebacker Mychal Kendricks was charged with insider trading. The U.S. Attorney William M. McSwain, of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, has asserted that Kendricks and former investment banker, Damilare Sonoiki, conspired to buy and sell publicly traded securities based on upcoming investment bank mergers. By purchasing call options […]

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