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I didn’t even know I needed that!

eBay Buys Hunch To Improve Long-Tail Shopping Recommendations   Online shopping has quickly replaced commercial businesses for consumers. Companies such as eBay, amazon, google, etc use complex algorithms and optimization methods to best recommend products based on individuals previous searches. Recently eBay hired a company, Hunch, that is a leading company in data mining, machine […]

Journalism networks in twitter causing a gendered echo chamber

One can form a network out of Twitter interactions, with nodes being tweets and the edges being retweets or replies. A study by Nikki Usher found that among journalists who operate around the US federal government, classified as Beltway journalists, there were more male journalists, with more followers, and that these male journalists were more […]

The Nature Of Viral Altruism And How To Make It Stick There is no doubt that the rise of social media has supported the monumental and rapid spreading of information, social norms, and trends. Viral altruism is a phenomenon that taps into the network effect of social media. One such example of viral altruism that is discussed in depth by Van Der Linden in his […]

How brands and customers can be looked at in a ego network

This small article discusses why triangles appear in social scenarios surrounding a brand. The article begins┬áby talking about when we go to bars or places to eat, we return to that place not only for the food or drinks but also for the social aspect. For instance, we go to a sports bar for its […]

Two Applications of Network and Graph Theory in Infectious Diseases

Herd Immunity In the study of immunity and disease, you may have seen the term “Herd Immunity” used in reference to the threat of anti-vaccine ideas. While coined in 1923, the term still sees common use today [2]. “Herd Immunity” refers to the principle that, as rates of disease immunization go up, rates of infection […]

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