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Fiber Optic Networks

Source: For much of this class on networks we have considered simple graphs with simple problems. An example of more complex graph theory is that of fiber-optic networks. The scientific article “ROUTING IN ALL-OPTICAL NETWORKS: ALGORITHMIC AND GRAPH-THEORETIC PROBLEMS” by Luisa Gargano and Ugo Vaccaro from Dipartimento di Informatica ed Applicazioni, Universita di Salerno […]

The Bad of Networks?

As the reliance on the internet grows, and more people use social media on an everyday basis, what was the pay off? As someone who just graduated from high school, I understand the notion of being ‘super busy.’ Juggling grades, clubs, commitments, and a social life can get overwhelming, and I’m sure it’ll only get […]

The Role of the Internet in the Spread of Inaccurate Health Information

“ With the overwhelming and ever-growing popularity of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, it is no surprise that information spreads at a rapid pace. However, the sharing of information has started to lead to unforeseen consequences. One area of concern is the spread of misinformation relating to human health and medicine. Large […]

Effects of Airline Travel on Disease Networks

On Tuesday, on an Emirates flight from Dubai to New York, 10 passengers were found to have been infected with common viruses according to the Wall Street Journal ( “Emerging infections” are not uncommon coming from that part of the world, so this large number of passengers becoming ill raised definitive concern about how these […]

Weak ties benefit physical health? This Washington Post article discusses the significance and benefits of weak ties in a social network. Typically we are more reminded by the benefits of strong ties, such as family and close friends, since these ties may seem more significant to an individual. However, weak ties are equally as important in creating a diverse […]

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