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How social media affects tipping point

We have learned the definition of the tipping point and how marketers use that to build their strategies for success marketing. Tipping point is an important information that marketers need to see what is wrong with the current strategy and guides them to look for solutions. Any points right below tipping point will lead the business to failure and any points above tipping point can attract many more customers. In the past, advertisement methods were the only solutions to improve business situations and attract more customers, so marketers used advertisements to raise the point to be above the tipping point.

With the rise of social media, it has become much easier for both individuals and organizations to reach their possible audience. This article examines how social media have viral superpower and compares old period where traditional advertisement methods were used and current period where social media controls who sees what. According to the article, Lady Gaga sold 305,000 copies in 2 weeks by spending millions on bus advertising, billboards, 2 pop up stores and performing countless interviews. On the other hand, Beyonce posted her new post about her album on her social media and was able to sell 828,733 copies in three days.

Both results prove how powerful social media is and spending on traditional advertisement methods may be a waste. It is so much easier to raise the point above the tipping point and more people will be convinced to follow the herd. Although social media sounds like an answer in marketing but businesses can lose customers as easy as it convinced them. If any person or organization loses reputation and lose many customers, just posting something on social media will not bring the point to tipping point.

Is this the Social Media Marketing Tipping Point?


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