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Freshman Rule College Basketball


There has been an epidemic that has occurred in the NBA within the last decade, “one-and-dones”. “One and Dones” are freshmen, who play college basketball, forgo their sophomore year to play in the NBA. Before the 2005 – 2006 season, players were able to go to the NBA straight from the NBA. Then after that season, players were required to be the age of 19 or one year removed from high school before being eligible to enter the NBA draft. Before the rule, there were a lot of players who came from high school, such as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. There were also players who played in college for more than one year. The epidemic of staying for one year and then leaving for the NBA did not start until the rule was in place. This causes many rosters, such as Duke and Kentucky, to change each year because they draft NBA-type of talent. The NBA is trying to figure out how they can mitigate this epidemic. They’re thinking of increasing the age required to be eligible for the draft and make the rules regarding signing agents a little bit less harsh.


This article is somewhat like the topic of epidemics. As basketball players finish their freshman year of college they have a choice to stay in college or leave for the NBA. They have a whole lot of information in front them. For starters, a lot of people who have gone into the NBA straight from high school or from their freshman year have had major success, such as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. There have been people who have also struggled in their NBA career after coming straight to the NBA, such as Austin Rivers and Greg Oden. So as these freshmen see the different successes of players who left early compared to those who stayed in college for a few more years. The threshold for some of these players to choosing to leave straight to NBA depends on a lot of factors. One big one is recent alumni who have done the same thing and how successful they’ve been in the NBA. For most players, they decide to go to certain colleges because of their recent alumni who have decided to go straight to the NBA and are successful.  Some players may stay in college longer because they want to develop or get their degree, thus their threshold might be higher than those who don’t value those goals while they’re in college/want to make money now.


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