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Freshman Rule College Basketball   There has been an epidemic that has occurred in the NBA within the last decade, “one-and-dones”. “One and Dones” are freshmen, who play college basketball, forgo their sophomore year to play in the NBA. Before the 2005 – 2006 season, players were able to go to the NBA straight from the NBA. Then […]

The Nature of Social Media Information Cascades

There is usually a large disparity between the levels of popularity that different posts on Facebook garner. Whether a photo, text, or a viral video. The idea that there is a specific timeline of progression that accounts for a post’s popularity, is one that has lead researchers to probe deeper into the science of social […]

Information Cascades and Sexual Harassment Claims On the topic of sexual harassment claims and the spread of claims, we see a dramatic change in how society perceives these claims This article, written by the Financial Times’ Gillian Tett, highlights the idea that sexual harassment claims would not have been spread as easily until recently. She points to the use of […]

Information Cascades in Social Media

Article Link: This article discusses how social media like Facebook and Twitter chooses what content to show their users and how information cascades relates to this. The article first explains what information cascades is – people making decisions based partly on what the people around them did in the same situation. People are more likely […]

Network Effects and Bitcoin

src of article: This article discusses Bitcoin, and how it displays network effects in that the more popular Bitcoin becomes(in terms of a greater fraction of the population (z) using the cryptocurrency Bitcoin), the more valuable it becomes to users. The idea that Bitcoin is greatly expanding is important when determining how consumers will […]

Information Cascades in the Spread of Fake News

Analysis —Senate Intelligence Hearing On Fake News, Free Speech And Russia The article linked above discusses the spread of fake news, and more generally, the responsibility of information cascades in limiting individuals’ perspectives on topics. The article describes how after the recent elections, social networking sites have faced backlash for being partly responsible for propagating […]

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