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Information Cascades and the Online Review System

In class, we discussed the occurrence of an information cascade, in which the information a person can infer from the choices of others may be more powerful than said person’s private information. When these decisions/events occur sequentially, people watch the actions of earlier individuals and infer something about what the earlier people know, based on […]

The mind behind the trigger With the rise of mass shootings, it is not uncommon to open a news site and see a new tragedy make the headlines. Indeed, as the F.B.I has confirmed in a NY Times article, mass shootings have been on the rise since 2000. However, when we look at the psychology of the men behind […]

Reporting of Sexual Harassment and Cascading Behavior in Networks

“After Weinstein: A List of Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct and the Fallout for Each” – SARAH ALMUKHTAR, LARRY BUCHANAN and MICHAEL GOLD | NY TIMES This article summarizes the list of men that have been identified in the past few months as sexual harassers. While there was longstanding and widespread knowledge of sexual abuse […]

Collective Action against Sexual Harassment

When I first read this article from October, I thought that the act of firing Harvey Weinstein would be the culmination of the story. I honestly thought that the “#MeToo” hashtag was just a phase, without a lot of power to effect change, and that in a month people would move on to the next […]

Fake Reviews and Information Cascades How do you shop online? Do you buy the top hit, the name brand, or the cheapest product satisfying your needs? Or maybe you, like myself and most other consumers, buy the product with the most favorable reviews. Now, what if I told you some of the most favorable reviews are fabricated? You might […]

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