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Applications of Network epidemics: Ebola

2014 marked the start of the most recent Ebola outbreak in Africa. This article describes how the world should react in response to the world’s next outbreak like Ebola. It evaluates how to snuff out an outbreak through many different media. One of the media described is through early detection. What went wrong in the […]

Prisoner’s Dilemma in Business Recruitment

Having recently gone through the recruitment cycle for competitive summer internships, one thing I noticed was how early the timeline was. While it seemed counter-intuitive (many of the applications opened before I was even halfway through my current internship), I understood why companies all began earlier once one of them did. Curious to find out […]

The Incredible Rise of BTS (방탄소년단)

The 7-member boy group from South Korea has made waves in both their home country and in the United States. In the past week alone, they have been invited to numerous interviews, performed at the American Music Awards and will make an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. While currently leaders of the rapidly growing […]

The Spread of the Swine Flu in 2009

According to this article by the CDC, the swine flu started in the United States by two isolated cases in California, with the origins of the disease in Mexico. However, since both cases started in elementary school-aged children, which most likely allowed the infected children to come in contact with many other students before the […]

Networks Analysis for Spread of Innovations: StartUps?

As we learned more about the effects of social networks in spreading innovations, social media sites, and technologies, I could not stop thinking about how useful this information could be in the startup world. Recently, while participating in the Cornell NYC Hackathon for FinTech in Latin America, full of innovation and hopes for a startup […]

What Makes a Successful Meme? What makes a successful meme? A successful meme can be viewed as an information cascade. Firstly, each person that shares a meme makes a decision to share the meme based the relatability of the meme. A meme is more relatable the more people have already seen it and relate to it. In the […]

Contagious College Campuses: Why meningitis and other diseases spread so easily on college campuses This summer, before leaving for my first semester at Cornell, I met with my doctor to go over medical requirements for the school and have my yearly physical. As it was finishing, my doctor realized something: I hadn’t yet gotten the meningitis vaccine. Although I’m not the biggest fan of shots, I quickly learned […]

The Use of Bayes’ Rule in Amazon GO Stores

This article attempts to figure out how Amazon Go supermarkets will work. These retail stores are special because they allow the shopper to grab the items they want then walk out of the store and go. This is a challenge because Amazon will have to determine the identity of the person who walks into the […]

Building Bigger Roads Actually Makes Traffic Worse

What’s Up With That: Building Bigger Roads Actually Makes Traffic Worse   Earlier in the semester, the topic of traffic and how it relates to the Networks course at Cornell University was discussed at great length. Ideas about Nash equilibriums, travel times, payoffs, and the Braess Paradox were all used to build students’ understanding of […]

YouTuber Marketing Campaign— A Strategy Involving Information Cascade

You are studying for a prelim, you’ve spent hours working on the same problem, you are tired, and need a break. You go to Libé and buy a fresh cup of coffee, close your blackboard tab, log onto your YouTube account, and start watching your favorite show or check out newly uploaded videos from your […]

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