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The Power of the Female

Female empowerment is making its mark quickly and with great force.  Just recently history was made in New Orleans in a revolutionary election as the first female mayor, LaToya Cantrell, was elected. She played a vital part in the recovery from Hurricane Katrina, which is where she made her first mark and began to find her following. She is coming in at the 300th anniversary of the city. Cantrell never trailed as votes were counted, and with such a strong following people believed in her from the start. Despite all of her support, there was still contradiction surrounding her election. Each new milestone that we reach with feminism and female empowerment moves our nation towards a more equitable state.


The idea that females have the right to play any role in society, make any impact, and participate any amount is one that is revolutionizing our world. This idea has been a cascade effect, and all started from the brave souls that have fought for what they believe in and made the first steps in female empowerment. An information cascade is when a person observes the actions of others and then, regardless of contradictions in their own private information signals, participates in the same acts and thoughts. This relates directly back to female involvement and feminist thoughts because once some people begin to believe, others immediately do so as well, regardless of what they actually think, they are still effected by the actions and thoughts of those around them.





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