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iPhone X Adoption

The latest iPhone was released over two weeks ago, and this has been Apple’s most expensive iPhone yet. As of the time this article was written on November 17, 2017, it says that Apple has been “oddly quiet” on iPhone 8 and iPhone X sales, so it attempts to analyze third-party data to determine Apple’s iPhone sales. Based off the article, it says that the iPhone X market share out of the entire iPhone market after the first two weeks of its release is at 1.42 percent, while the iPhone 7 hit 2.7 percent two weeks after its release. However, the iPhone X is currently competing with the iPhone 8, which was just released two months ago. The article states that it seems like the combination of iPhone 8’s and iPhone X’s are selling well, but the fact that Apple has not been open about how well sales have been like they have in the past “suggest that the data may not be as good as Apple hoped it would be”.


There are many concepts here that are talked about in class. First, we can talk about the $1000 price tag for the standard iPhone X model. In comparison, the iPhone 8 is currently selling for $700 and its Samsung competitor is selling for $600. Something that definitely helps consumers’ values of iPhone products definitely has to do with the name brand. Apple also invests a lot in advertisements with the intentions of raising consumers’ values so that more people will value their product at or above its price. In addition, in my opinion, there is a higher payoff when you have the same type of phone as your friends (iPhone/Android). Thus, your closest network of friends can also have an influence on which one you decide to buy.


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