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Cascades: iPhone vs Android

Many people express a deep devotion to the type of smartphone they use and can be downright hostile to those who do not use the same device as them. This article lists many reasons that people buy iPhones instead of Androids, such as user friendliness, compatibility with other apple devices, or better support for most apps. However, one crucial drawback to having an Android phone that I have heard from many current or former Android users is that fewer people in their social networks have them. Regardless of the numerous features of Android’s design that may be better, such as greater customization, people don’t like when their texts are green.

Most of my friends have iPhones, and it can cause difficulty communicating with people who have Androids because group chats are harder to make and texts from Androids cannot be seen on the “messages” app of an apple computer. This may seem like a small difference, especially with the creation of apps like GroupMe that work the same on most smartphones, however, I have seen situations in which people with Androids have been left out of the loop on some conversations simply because it was less convenient to communicate with them. This is an example of a cascade in which some members of a social network switch to a technology that other members are not using, and then the technology fails to spread because the threshold for switching is too high. Apple products are already ingrained in these networks, so even if someone would be happier using Android technology, they are not motivated enough to switch.

10 Reasons People Buy iPhones Instead of Android Phones


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