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Following the Crowd: Understanding social cascades in the 21st century

This article brings up a few main points we covered in networks, specifically in the information cascades chapter. One of the benefits of living in a technologically advanced era is having access to a vast amount of information right at our fingertips. Not sure which hotel to stay at during your vacation? Trip advisor will […]

Snapchat Surviving, Not Thriving

Although plenty has been written about the growth and innovation of Snapchat social media platform, most recent coverage has been on the topic of its inevitable demise. Indeed, Snapchat still manages to bleed money, including a “staggering $443 million” loss in Q3 2017, and growth rates have continually declined, especially since the launch of Facebook’s […]

Netflix 2009-2016 The above article describes what a $100 dollar investment in 2009 Netflix stock would look like in 2016 after its journey. Late into 2008, The Netflix stock was looking around $19 per share. The company needed something to increase its subscriber base and raise their stock price. In 2009 Netflix starts to shift focus […]

A Network Theory Perspective on Soccer

The article linked below discusses how analyzing the passing formations used by soccer teams granted insight into how certain teams worked and why they might be particularly good at the sport. The article discusses mainly graph-like networks, assigning each player a letter value and looking into who they pass to; for example, an ABAB pattern […]

Social Media, Information Cascades, and Ranking

As we learned more about networks effects and information cascades, my mind was increasing drawn to the applications of these ideas in social media, and how information one sees in his/her own feed is deemed to be more valuable than the information that doesn’t appear there. Though information cascades are not a perfect description of […]

Information Cascades – Empirically analyzing the effect of Twitter and Digg

Social media networking sites have very clearly demonstrated the effect of information cascades. Many users of common sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are updated on major news stories by other users they’re connected with sharing articles and information. The validity of the information is not always apparent, and many users are influenced by what […]

What’s the Difference in the Ad Auctioning System of Google vs Facebook?

In general, Google is using the GSP auction and Facebook is using the VCG auction, two different auction formats we have learnt in class. What’s the Difference between these two ad auctioning systems? And why Google and Facebook choose them respectively? The topic is discussed on Quora, where we can see some possible answers posted. […]

Cornell Vietnamese Pho Night and Information Cascade through the Social Media

Brian Chen NetID: bc596 Article: Social Media has led to a lot of information cascade especially to the attendance of people in formal events. Information cascading occurs when someone else observes a behavior and then repeats the same behavior because he/she is right. It usually starts with a small group and then balloons to a […]

Gesundheit! Modeling Contagion through Facebook News Feed

This paper empirically asses the conditions under which large-scale cascades occur within a social network– specifically Facebook. It also further analyzes cascade differences in social media as opposed to cascades resulting from an isolated event. The study focuses on information diffusion of Facebook Pages– representation for businesses, bands, celerities, etc. as distinct, customized profiles. Traditionally, a […]

Why Spotify is Good for Music

Ever since users started sharing music on the Internet in the 1990’s, the Internet’s effect on the music industry has been hotly disputed. Recently, the music community has been split over streaming music services such as Spotify and SoundCloud, with high-profile artists like Taylor Swift and Prince once pulling their catalogs from Spotify because of […]

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