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Macroeconomics needs to consider the potential of network effects

Article Link: The article talks about the fact that “Relatively small shocks can become magnified and then become shocks you have to contend with [on a large scale],”. In the economic sense it means that shocks in certain narrow sectors can cascade down and effect the economy in a much larger scale. They take into […]

Network Effects in the Search Engine Market

This article talks about search engines and the idea that they are a market between users and advertisers where advertisers also keep track of data and information (and provide them to the search engine to help the engine offer better service for its users). By getting the data, the search engine can offer more personalized […]

Information Cascades Targeting Immigrant Populations WeChat, a mobile messaging and social network app created by Chinese developers, is facing scrutiny for its lack of transparency around how it produces and ranks its content as well as the role it played in catalyzing information cascades that spread fake news before, during, and after the U.S. presidential election. This information cascade […]

Quality Uncertainty On-Line: Yelp Reviews—Everyone’s a Critic Yelp is one of the most intriguing online review sites I’ve experienced during my time in the service industry. What sets it apart from many online reviews available to the general public (ie, reviews within a business’s self-managed website) is that business owners, once registered, are unable to deactivate their registry or “start over.” […]

Spiral of Silence Phenomenon in Online Environments

From lecture, we have learn about that the networks affect cascading at both the population level and the local network level. People can benefit from following the crowd if the cascading is a good one. However, in political aspect, it is hard to say whether an “innovation opinion” has a good quality that can bring […]

How Facebook Murdered Myspace

Link:   Back in the late 00s, Myspace was the top destination for all things social media. Although Facebook was founded around this time,  Myspace targeted the same audience and was to marketed long before Facebook. However, MySpace intensified barriers to user enjoyment by forcing its users to use anonymous pseudonyms in place of their real […]

Information Cascades and Fake News The social media platform is astonishing because news can we delivered with a simple “post” or “tweet.” As with most things in our world, social media also has cons associated with it. For instance, fake news can spread extremely quickly around the world causing people to believe the inaccurate information. One can see why […]

Psychological Cascades and Information Cascades? In this article, some examples of people following the crowd are provided, and some psychological explanations are provided. We can also make use of the knowledge of information cascade that was mentioned in class to explain some aspects of the examples. First, the Failing the Test Experiment was mentioned. In this experiment, people are […]

The Male Romper As the year of 2017 comes to a close, along with all of its newer fashion tendencies, political controversies, and celebrity fiascos, we are finally nearing the point of “the cringe”. That’s right, I’m talking about that time of year when we get to look back at all of the incredibly ill-advised trends that […]

Bitcoin and Cascades

Article: This article describes the volatility of bitcoin and its various market plunges from record highs.  Since November 8th, Bitcoin’s value has grown from nearly $38 billion to $110 billion.  With advents of new technologies such as Bitcoin cash (supporting eight times more data than the cryptocurrency), investing in Bitcoin is more based off of […]

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