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Losing Our Jobs? No, Just Feeling the Network Effects

2017, and leading into 2018, has seen an unprecedented number of people wanting to have more automation in the workforce. For years, people have spoken about automation and how it could take over the labor force, pushing most places to not implement more automation, however, experts believe that the demand for it in the workforce has finally reached the tipping point. Over the next few years, everyone should expect to see companies increasing their automation until another equilibrium point is reached. While there is expected to be some loss of jobs, automation is also supposed to ease the work that laborers must do. A new position as an automation expert will also arise, helping reshape how the workforce looks. While there will be push-back, expected from the government, experts believe this will fail, and eventually lead to the new equilibrium.

This is a clear example of how the tipping point affects the way that people react. While we don’t know exactly what will occur in 2018, we can be confident that the more we talk about the possibility of automation taking over a large chunk of jobs, the more likely people will believe it and speak it into existence. Since demand for automation has risen, experts believe that we have finally reached the tipping point where enough demand for the process will cause us to be moved towards a new equilibrium of use of automation, rather than next to no use or growth of the process.


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