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How information cascades induce political protests

Link: We are living in a world where social media plays a major role in our daily life. Through networking applications such as Twitter and Facebook, user are allowed to appropriately exercise their rights to “freedom of speech,” and post their beliefs online so other people can read and share their opinions. Social Media has […]

Game Theory and the United Airlines Incident The United Airlines disaster was a big spectacle this year. It was widely publicized because of the way United handled the situation. To keep seats full on planes, United overbooks flights. For example, there will be 100 open seats, and United will book 105 seats. This is exactly a game theory problem. When you […]

How to Start a Movement

Source: We all have been aware of the societal pressures of conformity at some point in our life.  There are very real reasons why everyday we wear clothes, wait in line, and don’t start randomly screaming in public.  In Network Theory, the benefits we receive from going with the crowd are classified by two categories: […]

Information Cascades and the Popularity of “Your Name”

Article: “Kimi no Na Wa”, or more commonly known as “Your Name” became the highest globally grossing Japanese film in history, surpassing Academy award winning “Spirited Away” by Hayao Miyazaki. This was an unexpected phenomenon for the creators of the movie, since a previous movie by the same company called “Garden of Words”, didn’t nearly […]

The Senate vs. Social Media

Analysis – Senate Intelligence Hearing on Fake News, Free Speech and Russia   Representatives for Facebook, Twitter, and Google faced questioning from the Senate as the problem of international interference regarding political elections have crept into our favorite social media sites. Democratic senators are not happy with the fact that these companies allowed the Russian […]

Information Cascades and Netflix

Netflix is a company that has imbedded itself into the lives of millennials. Many of us are all too familiar with the shame that accompanies a Netflix binge, especially when we doze off, only to awaken to the “Are You Still Watching?” message. Worse yet – the shameful message pops up, and we are still […]

Information Cascades – Effects on Markets and Betting Behavior

Information Cascades – Effects on Markets and Betting Behavior Reference: In the simplest terms, Information Cascades basically occur after some time has passed, when individuals begin ignoring their own information, and base their decision off the decisions of others. To quickly illustrate, suppose someone is trying to decide between watching two different movies […]

Driving themselves past the Tipping Point

CNN Tech: 2016: A tipping point for excitement in self-driving cars Self-driving or autonomous cars are no longer a shining light on the distant horizon. They’re very much here. The article describes major corporate and government-related deals and events related to self-driving cars in 2016 and comments on the accelerated pace and significance of the […]

Snapchat’s Financial Trouble Due to It’s Inability to Infiltrate Established Networks This article discusses some of the reasons for Snap Inc’s recent decline in the stock market, and apparent stagnation. Snap Inc, which owns the very popular social media application Snapchat, has had a hard time since its IPO as its service has failed the grow at the rate it was predicted to. Its service, […]

Influence of Hubs on Information Cascades

A hub as previously defined is a website or other information entity that tends to have good sharing routes and connections as well as releasing convincing information that tends to diffuse through a network quickly.  In the study linked below the researchers examine how hubs can affect information cascades in a network.  Specifically three different […]

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