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Information Cascades – Facebook’s New App “Local”

Link: The article discusses Facebook’s new app called Local. The app is a revamping of the original application, Events, which Facebook introduced last year. Events had a calendar which informed users of what events were happening around town. According to data from Annie, a market research firm, the app dropped out of the most […]

The Network Effects of Large Tech Companies

This article details how large tech companies such as eBay, Netflix, Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc. leverage network effects to their advantage. While most of these companies utilize direct network effects such as the number of users of their products increases the value of the product itself, others rely on more indirect network effects, […]

Analysis —Senate Intelligence Hearing On Fake News, Free Speech And Russia

Analysis —Senate Intelligence Hearing On Fake News, Free Speech And Russia   This article is extremely interesting since it is very relevant to today’s social media and brings light to many topics we learn in Networks. In this article, the author analyzes Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s role in politics and the elections. The Democrats are […]

The Upside of Being Ruled by Five Tech Giants This article critiques on the “Big Five” technology companies that have very strong market power in different aspects. While the companies Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft continue to expand their markets, the author notes that they have access to people’s information and data similar to that of government because of their coverage(which makes […]

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