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How Google Polices Malicious Ads Google’s AdSense is a service which allows publishers of web content to earn revenue by placing advertisements on their web pages. When you Google “Google AdSense”, the first page which appears is a link to Google’s AdSense page. Prominently displayed on that page is a link to “Sign Up Now”. Similarly, advertisers can sign […]

PageRank and Soccer The Google PageRank algorithm has been proving its value since its discovery. The PageRank evaluation has been also used to explore complex data structures, primarily things such as web authorities nevertheless today researchers use the algorithm in order to rank scientific papers or even the “World’s All-Time Top Soccer Team” – which is precisely […]

Google’s Page Rank

Last year, Google no longer kept the page rank score of a website accessible to the public. But according to this article, page rank may have ruined the web. Initially, page rank was revealed in 2000 with Google’s implementation of their toolbar in IE and Firefox. It had a page rank meter that indicated the […]

Google’s Success in the Advertising Market This article describes Google’s increase in advertisement revenue.  According to the article, between 2015 and 2016, Google had a 20% increase in advertisement revenue.  Additionally, the article points out that mobile has the most promising future for advertising.  In 2016, out of the time spent being exposed to print media, radio, TV, the internet, […]

Facebook’s Experimental Newsfeed

Facebook has recently released an experiment in Sri Lanka, Slovakia, and Serbia which puts posts from pages in a separate feed. This means the original news feed only contains advertisements and posts from friends. Many Facebook pages have seen huge drops – upwards of 50% – in user engagement following the change. While this has […]

Cryptocurrency and Money Market Democratization In the past few years, a multitude of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Lite coin have been born. These virtual currencies are based around a digital record of all transactions called a blockchain. This article discusses how blockchains have the potential to democratize money markets and take away money market power from large financial institutions. […]

Instagram’s Algorithm

Remember the good old days when Instagram shows you your friends posts in a timely manner; well good days are gone as Instagram launched its new algorithm. I have noticed that my Instagram page randomly shuffles my friend’s posts, a post from four days ago could appear as the first post when I refresh the […]

Rumors Rumors are no Fun, Unless You Share with Everyone

No matter how much we say we hate rumors and gossip, come on, guys — most of us honestly can’t help but get even a little intrigued when we hear some juicy gossip from a friend, read a shocking headline on the news, or get a Twitter update that our favorite celebrity has supposedly been […]

The Negative Influence of Google’s PageRank Feature

PageRank is a concept discussed in class that assesses and assigns the relevance and value of a certain webpage primarily by factoring how many expert websites the webpage links to, and thus draws from, and how many other webpages use this original webpage. In 2000, Google invented PageRank to give users of the internet additional […]

Super Bowl Advertising

Article Link: In recent years, the advertisements running during breaks in the Super Bowl game have almost become more popular than the game itself. As a result, as this article explores, advertising prices have climbed drastically. While companies have always been eager to advertise on television during the Super Bowl, these slots have become more and […]

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