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Ebay Auctions: Bidder and Seller Strategies

The auctions on Ebay are English auctions in which bidders can submit bids until a certain deadline and the bidder with the highest bid wins and pays that bid. At any given time, the highest bid is known. This is different from the sealed auctions that we studied in detail, where bidders do not have […]

Twitter Bots

Social media is everywhere, even GPS apps like Waze and fitness apps like Fitbit have a social media aspect to them. One of the largest social media sites to rise within the last decade. With a monthly active user base larger than the United State’s population, members are able to stay up to date with […]

Why Yahoo Lost and Google Won.

In this article from Forbes Magazine, Gil Press attributes Google’s immense success as a search engine and web pioneer to the company’s achievement in designing the Web the way Tim Berners-Lee invented it to be. Google did much more than simply “organize” the world’s information. Press writes, “Google’s founders were the first to seize on […]

Application of PageRank-style Algorithms in Natural Language Processing

In this post, I discuss the paper “PageRank on Semantic Networks, with application to Word Sense Disambiguation” by Mihalcia, Tarau, and Figa. The main aim of Natural Language Processing is to create computational models that are good at understanding and generating “natural language” (i.e., the way human beings use language.) The main difficulty in NPL […]

In the Dark About How to Bid

In programmatic, buyers sometimes don’t know what type of auction they’re bidding in This article discusses how buyers aren’t always sure about the type of auction they are participating in when they bid for programmatic ads. First, programmatic ads are ads that attempt to target the most appropriate audience for an ad based on different […]

Bayes Theorem in the World of Data

This article discusses how Bayes Theorem is being used in the world today and how big data is a major contributing factor in its increased use. Bayes Theorem employs a method of both predicting the future and classifying large amounts of data. According to the article, Bayes Theorem is important because, “You can classify the […]

How Apple’s Ad-Blocking Strategy May Ultimately Benefit Google

Original Article:   As information continues to explode in the digital world, low-quality advertisement like auto-playing videos and banners are constantly deployed to generate greater revenues. In turn, the need to set up a wall between the users and advertisers seems to have grown. Ad-blocking softwares hence gained popularity over the years (a chart of […]

Really, auction types matter?

Link: There are lots of posts about using first price auction will increase the transparency in the programmatic industry. This article provides new insights about what else needs to done to solve the most essential problems apart from just changing from second price auction model to first price auction model. This article is a quite […]

Las Vegas Shooting: The failure of the Search Engines

On the night of the Las Vegas shooting, millions transcended onto the internet to find any source of information that they can regarding the unfortunate event. Millions of people across the world searched up what had transpired, searching for information and updates on the injury/death count, the investigation, the gunman, the weapons used etc. but […]

Google AdSense and Multiple Layout Options for Advertising Slots

For all the advertising markets we have done in class, we assume that the set of ad slots is fixed, and our goal is just to find a set of prices for each slot in a stable manner. However, certain ad networks, such as Google AdSense, will sometimes dynamically choose the advertising layout to try […]

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