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The Influence of Blockchain on the Structure of the Web

This resource was quite interesting as it provided quality insight into the future development of the web. Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the web, gave insightful comments on what he believes will affect everything about the online web, one of the world’s most fascinating structures, in the near future. Berners-Lee believes that blockchain, one of the most recent and ingenious technological ideas in recent years, will have an enormous effect on the network representing the internet. Blockchain will become so powerful that it will make everything on the web password free, where your browser would handle the verification. As blockchain gets bigger and bigger, it will become more effective and applicable to non-tech people, and will soon eventually take over the web. However, blockchain has a central idea of making a lot of private information public so that there is easy access among all users. This may seem to pose a privacy threat, but it is widely believed that such an issue will not become a problem. This is simply because nefarious acts will be more easily discovered given the nature of the blockchain system. The network of the online web will undergo an enormous change in the near future and this will greatly affect all those who study it.

This article ties into our study of the structure of the web. A lot of our study and understanding about the network of the web is based on the current technologies that influence it, and if that network is about to undergo an enormous change much of what we know will soon change. It is important that web researchers develop a strong understanding of blockchains and how they work so that they will continue to be able to make incredible discoveries in the future. The article provides great insight and gives a real world example of the web structure material we learned in class, and how that is constantly being updated by new technology.¬† I liked how this article gave a futuristic outlook on the course’s material.


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