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Promoting smaller brands on website



The  first article talks about the difficulties some companies are facing in the Web competition against bigger brands. According to the article, Google’s search strategies and policies often favor big brands and make it for smaller companies and individuals to make their online presence more noticeable.The problem creates a question: which strategies should such companies use to appear in the top of search results?Is it possible for them to rise to the top of the search results? Should they focus more on the content of their websites so that more websites link to their websites, or are there other hidden strategies? As the second article explains,however, some of the strategies used by companies are not exactly related to improving the content itself; the strategies are rather related to the technical side of the websites. The technical aspect of making websites rank highly is usually handled by SEO companies that use knowledge of Google’s search algorithms to help some companies rank higher.

In class we were looking at the popularity of pages only by considering the number of and value of incoming links to authority websites. As we can see from the second article, however, there are multiple ways for websites to “trick” Google’s search engine into ranking their page higher. Using certain ways to write HTML code for a website might be one of them. Moreover, the speed of traffic on your website might also alter your website’s rank in Google’s ranking system. However, as SEO services became a widely established phenomena, both big and small brands use the “tricks” to increase their page ranking. The problem of favoring big brands over small brands still remains.




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