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Promoting smaller brands on website

    The  first article talks about the difficulties some companies are facing in the Web competition against bigger brands. According to the article, Google’s search strategies and policies often favor big brands and make it for smaller companies and individuals to make their online presence more noticeable.The problem creates a question: which strategies should […]

Page Ranking and its Effect on Fake News

The 2016 presidential election seemed to be the genesis of the phrase ‘Fake News’; however, sites that actively try to perpetuate fallacies have been a problem for years. In order to contain this false information, organizations like Facebook and Google have created algorithms that rank these pages lower so that the actual information gets ranked […]

Game Theory’s many applications

In class our “Networks” class we often talk about game theory and the many components that make up this theory. We learned that when a player has a strategy that is strictly better than all other options regardless of what the other player does it is called a strictly dominant strategy. Additionally, we learned that […]

First Price, Second Price (Red Price Blue Price?)

As we’ve learned in class, first-price and second-price auctions require very different dominant strategies in order to get the best payoff. This is why it is so important that a potential bidder look at the details of an auction’s mechanisms beforehand– however, a lot of advertising programmers don’t provide this kind of transparency. According to […]

Game Theory in Cryptocurrency

Article The article “What is Cryptocurrency Game Theory: A Basic Introduction” by Blockgeeks describes how game theory prevents cheating in the Bitcoin community. Bitcoin transactions can be represented by a blockchain in which each block contains a transaction of currency and a hash of the previous block, linking them together to create a blockchain. In class, we […]

Not just one link one vote!

Creating A Massive Network Visualization Of The Global News Landscape: Who Links To Whom? The article, Creating A Massive Network Visualization Of The Global News Landscape: Who Links To Whom? by Kalev Leetaru, discusses the GDELT project which creates a visualization of links between web pages.  GDELT’s visualization helps build a greater depth in […]

How is Google Pagerank earned and does it matter?

What Is Google PageRank, How Is It Earned & Does It Matter in 2016? In this blog post by Adams, Adams explains what Pagerank is and how it is earned on Google. Pagerank is defined by how much good number of inbound links are coming in to one’s website. The more good links pointing to […]

SEO, CEOs, and your friends Search engine optimization seems to be the “it” marketing strategy that any successful business needs to survive in today’s uber-competitive marketing landscape. Establishing and amplifying the PageRanks between pages and products serve to build a wave of promotional attraction that seeks to take over your optical feed and attention span. However, as we see […]

The Influence of Blockchain on the Structure of the Web This resource was quite interesting as it provided quality insight into the future development of the web. Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the web, gave insightful comments on what he believes will affect everything about the online web, one of the world’s most fascinating structures, in the near future. Berners-Lee believes that blockchain, one […]

A transition to first price auctions in programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is preparing for the first-price auction era Programmatic advertisement and auction bidding are closely related topics. In order to increase yield, a system called “header bidding” has been implemented by people who make websites. These websites allow multiple advertisers to “bid” on advertisement spots on the website, before the website maker chooses an […]

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