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Road Networks, Braess’s Paradox, and Google Maps According to this article, a recent Google Maps update will include traffic predictions over the course of a day. This is similar to an already-existing feature on Google Maps that shows current traffic, and finds alternate routes and ranks them based on travel time. This could be of large importance, helping people find faster […]

Matching Markets and Refugee Resettlement The overwhelming number of incoming refugees from Middle Eastern countries, in particularly Syria, has raised a question as to how they will be resettled in European countries. Many of them don’t have a say in where they want to go. One of the solutions to this bureaucratic and logistical problem created by two Oxford […]

Battling fake news This article discusses how the two digital behemoths, Facebook and Google, are tackling  issue of fake news on their sites. Fake news has become an ever-growing issue since the explosion of Facebook as the dominant social media platform. The reasons for the propagation of fake news is clear–people see an interesting issue/article, and it […]

Fake News and Google Page Ranking Throughout the past political cycle, the emergence of fake news has caused the country and media to go into a frenzy.  It’s all people have been talking about in regards to how the recent election turned out and the reasons behind Donald Trump’s victory.  Fake news is news that is purposely published with false […]

Walmart and Network Exchange Theory This article discusses the strength of Walmart as the largest retailer in the world and the factors of the related market that could be potential threats to Walmart’s increased success. This article examined Walmart using “Porter’s Five Forces” analysis. This included strong competitive rivalry or competition, weak bargaining power of buyers, weak bargaining power […]

The Uses of Game Theory in Describing When Movies Are Released

In the linked article the authors introduce a paper that uses game theory to describe how movies are released at different points in the year depending on their budget. In the paper the authors claim that movies with a larger budget tend to be released closer to dates of peak demand for going to the […]

Visualizing network for scientific research Due to challenging financial times and such as the present and rising costs of scientific research, it becomes absolutely critical for researchers and scientists to compete for a limited number of research grants. One of the ways to compete effectively for funding is to demonstrate the value of a specific research by external peer […]

Balance in the World of Sports

The world of sports is one that is constantly evolving, yet will never change that much. There will always be those same constants, the reasons that people love Sunday night football, or NHL playoff season or sitting courtside at Basketball games. Part of what makes any sports game so special, is the relationships between players. […]

Publication Networks among Medical Schools

Article Publications can be represented in a graph such that each node is a medical school and each edge represents co-authorship between representastives from the school. In the research described in the above article, a “collaborative 12-year data set of 35,469 published articles in the SCOPUS® database was analyzed.” Within this network, power was analyzed […]

Many-to-one Matching Markets

Matching Markets apply to real life situations whenever there is a group of “sellers” or seeders and a group of “buyers” or acquirers of the resource the seeder is giving. Matching markets are used to maximize social welfare, and ideally to create a perfect match between sellers and buyers where each node is assigned to […]

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