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The Complicated World of Search Engine Optimization

  Here’s an interesting article on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques:   5 SEO Strategies to Ditch in 2017 Based on the articles related to Search Engine Optimization, it seems like the practice is very important to people with websites, especially ones linked to a new or growing business. Each year, many news publications write […]

Transportation in a Growing City

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry recently announced that the city plans to invest $5.2 Billion in a new mass public transportation system. Nashville is a city that has been plagued by traffic problems in recent years. These problems are the result of inadequate roads and highways. When much of the city’s roads, highways, and public transportation […]

Alt-right News Sources Manipulating Search Engine Ranking in Order to Promote viewpoint

Recently, Alt-right supporters and reporters have been attempting to ‘game’ google’s search engine rankings and autocomplete forms through manipulating the list finding algorithms by vastly inflating the amount of in-links to reputable sources. Essentially, what is occurring is that certain individuals and organisations have been proliferating hate speech on certain websites, hate speech that specifically […]

The Fight for First Truth

A growing concern in today’s age of information overload is the “echo-chamber” effect that comes about from one’s own desire to justify their held beliefs and the natural tendency for people to form connection with similar individuals. The “echo-chamber” is used to describe the scenario in which a person will (possibly unknowingly) be inclined to […]

Programmatic Advertising is Preparing for the First-Price Auction Era

Advertisements are almost everywhere on the internet. Especially in this day and age, ads can be found all over social media. If you browse Facebook, ads can be found just on the right of your news feed as you browse down to find out what everyone else is up to. Even if you don’t browse […]

Bicycles, Internet, and Sex This article expounds the similarities between the invention of the bicycle and the internet: both have contributed to the rise of sex between strangers. Bicycles made it easier for men to have sex with women, which is why one historian attributed the increase in the average height of the French population to bicycles, since […]

The Dangers of Auctions and The Psychology behind them.

  Link to the article is The article talks about how you can lose money even after winning a bid. Basically, there are scams out there involving auctions. Specifically, online where money is transferred and the buyer doesn’t receive the item they bidded on. The article shows an example of someone who bid about 3k […]

Does Uber Help or Hurt Mass Transit?

In a recent article published by the NYT, it discusses how ride-hailing companies, such as Uber and Lyft, affect traffic conditions. It discusses multiple ideas, such as if a ride-hailing company causes people to “ditch their cars” or to “use cars (driven by other people) even more”. Researchers at U.C. Davis Institute of Transportation Studies […]

Meme: The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body is on the Second Page of Google Search Results

The online ad network Chitika estimated that the google top search receives 33% of the traffic, a figure that drastically reduces to about 2.6% at the tenth position. More interesting is the fact that 92% of the traffic always goes to the first page of Google’s search results. In fact, Chitika estimates that less than […]

Predictive Text Simplifies Your Life Text prediction is unknowingly an important part of our lives. With predictive text, we can utilize shorthand scripting (writing only part of the word that we are intending to write) much more than in the past, since the predictive text can finish the words for us. The basic flow of how predictive text works […]

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