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How much does your voice count on Twitter?

Article:   The general Pagerank method discussed in class is extremely versatile: as long as we have a connected network, we can approximate the relative importance of the member nodes through the number of links or connections to them. An article discusses a possible application of this model on social media services to observe […]

Google Can’t Search the Deep Web, So How Do Deep Web Search Engines Work?

Link: Introduction: If search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are unable to index the deep web, then how do deep web search engines work? We’ll try to answer this question by first what I mean by “deep web”, then explaining why Google can’t crawl the deep web, and finally looking at how some popular […]

‘Click Farms’ And The Value Of Online Advertisements

      Right now, somewhere in the Philippines, offices filled with virtual impostors are being paid to assume the identities of thousands of people who do not actually exist. The purpose?—to take advantage of the poorly regulated advertising markets that exist through social media websites and search engines like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Employees […]

AI in Google Search

As overseer of Google’s search engine, Amit Singhal, announced his retirement, the overseer of Google’s artificial intelligence, John Giannandrea, stepped up to fill Singhal’s place. Google’s approach to artificial intelligence which involves deep neural networks approximating to the neurons in a human brain is known as deep learning. Deep learning analyzes a lot of data, […]

Good News – No PageRank Toolbar on Google

As what we learned, PageRank is one of the methods Google uses to determine a page’s relevance or importance. It is only one part of the story when it comes to the Google listing, but the other aspects are discussed elsewhere (and are ever changing) and PageRank is interesting enough to deserve a paper of […]

Prevalence of The Winner’s Curse in Initial Public Offerings

When a company first goes public, investors must decide whether or not they want to buy shares at the listed initial price. Since investors intend to resell shares after a holding period, it is important for them to know how other investors value them and how much they can eventually resell them for. Different investors […]

Does Google give too much prominence to Wikipedia   Recent research has raised concerns about the overwhelming prominence of Wikipedia links consistently in the top spots of google searches. According to the research conducted by Intelligent Positioning, 96% of noun searches in google were positioned in the top five ranking spots on page one. The article discusses that it certainly makes sense […]

Google’s new search algorithm

There is no doubt that Google is ubiquitous in today’s age, where information can be accessed by a simple query and a click. PageRank, the innovative endorsement algorithm developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, shaped the way link analysis is calculated in the world wide web. Since the beginning of PageRank, Google has continuously […]

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things-Page Rank Edition

RIP Google PageRank score: A retrospective on how it ruined the web One of the reasons why Google has so prominently remained the top search engine in the world over the years is a tool called “page rank”. Page rank was an added feature to the Google toolbar that provided a different rank for each […]

Google and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google’s AMP Is Speeding Up the Web By Changing How It Works Over the past year or two, I’ve been seeing the structure and layout of Google search results change, specifically on mobile. Generally, I found that when searching trending news phrases, the Google results page will yield a horizontal bar of search results in […]

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