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Game Theory in the Rwandan Genocide

A recurring question in international politics is whether or not should third parties intervene in ethnic civil wars. This debate has been repeated throughout history, from the Rwandan genocide to the modern Syrian conflict. Modern media compares the two events, with past US officials also comparing the two. Analyzing these situations through a game theory […]

How Racism and Xenophobia Divide the Working Class

In Black Reconstruction in America, W.E.B. du Bois writes about the relationship between institutional racism and the exploitation of labor. According to du Bois, even though White and African American workers have a shared interest in better wages and treatment, the historical lack of contact between the two groups has caused each group to view […]

NYC’s volatile housing market

The ever increasing market price for apartments in Manhattan has been affecting the number of residents that move there. Meanwhile, the reasonable prices in NYC’s other boroughs (Brooklyn, Queens especially) are starting to look more appealing. The articles mention how the value of the houses or apartments change drastically over time based on demand, which […]

A Business Application of PageRank: SEO Marketing

While listening to recent lectures discussing PageRank and other aspects of the modern internet, I couldn’t help but think back to the summer after my junior year of high school. During this summer, I stumbled upon an internship opportunity where I was brought on-board as a SEO marketing intern. SEO is an acronym for Search […]

Fake News on Youtube   Earlier this month, Youtube changed it’s search algorithm in order to prevent conspiracy theory videos from rising to the top as best results for inquiries about major news events. According to the article, videos claiming that the recent Las Vegas shooting was a hoax came as high as the fifth result in response […]

Braess’s Paradox in South Korea

Every major city has problems with traffic congestion.  Because of the large amounts of people there are large amounts of cars populating the roadways.  It may seem like a logical solution to increase the number of routes cars have access to in order to decrease traffic congestion, but in reality, this makes no difference and […]

Google’s “Top Stories” Mistake Mirrors PageRank

Google has become so integral in our lives that it’s now the directory for the world. However, even their search algorithm, PageRank, is not perfect. After the Las Vegas shooting, Google received a lot of criticism for prioritizing inaccurate webpages above reputable and authoritative sources in their “Top Stories” tab. Google’s feature uses a specific […]

Psychology and Game Theory

A paper published in 2013 posits an interesting theory about the incompatibility of game theory and the unconscious mind, both of which are related in the sense that they both operate on the basis of a fundamental law, a law of “strategic interaction” for the former and a law of “satisfaction” for the latter. The […]

A weak UK government might do a better Brexit deal than a strong one

Article Link: The article discusses “Brexit” and how a weaker government might be more pressured to accept negotiation versus a stronger one. Theresa May, a member of Parliament, thought the opposite. She believed that a stronger mandate was needed to negotiate a Brexit deal. But she was wrong. In fact, when negotiating, “strength is weakness […]

Promoting Fake Advertising Using Google’s AdWords and AdSense This article from the New York Times talks about the imperfection in Google ads and the ways in which fake advertisers and publishers design their sites as to gain credibility for their advertisements. Recently, Google has been seen promoting fake news advertisements about celebrities, such as Melania Trump and Joanna and Chip Gaines, that […]

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