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Utilizing Nash Equilibrium in Your Relationship Life

Finances are the biggest subject of romance fights amongst couples. Regardless of your income status, every couple fights over what to buy. With a combined income, there exists tradeoffs and sacrifices for every purchase. Rather than getting families and friends to mediate every argument, many people don’t realize there is a more scientific and objective […]

What is Google PageRank?

In class, we learned about page rank. A page’s importance is determined by how many links lead to that page, and each link counts as a vote. At the same time, it only seems to make sense that pages with original high rank have their votes count for more. Their reasoning as to why links […]

Market Clearing Prices

Modern day businesses effectively control market prices according to current supply and demand, which allows them to maximize profits in many different situations.  This article discusses the problems involved with surging prices, and how many industries actually avoid this strategy.   For instance, after natural disasters many are in need of basic necessities and materials to […]

How Game Theory Explains Gridlock The author, Mohamed El-Erian, postulates that the gridlock occurring in American politics can be analyzed from a game theory approach by stating that there is an observable Nash equilibrium as a result of dueling ideologies. He states that the Nash equilibrium is exemplified by Republicans and Democrats viciously debating a meaningful piece of legislation […]

Pagerank and the spread of Fake News

Article: Ever since the 2016 elections, there has been a large public debate about “Fake News” and the role of companies like Facebook and Google in its spread on the web. The story typically follows the same pattern: a fake news article is shared immensely on social media, often initially by bot accounts, reaching a […]

Buyers Perspective: Auction Mechanics This article covers the different strategies in first and second price auctions. Specifically, how auctions work with sell side platforms (SSP), which allow web developers to optimize their ad revenue and traffic. In any auction, both the buyer and seller are trying to get the highest payoff possible. The article states that sellers in […]

Page Rank and Net Neutrality

The Internet is one of the largest open and free networks that people have ever built. When using the Internet, people expect to be able to access content without it being altered, blocked, or slowed down. This open and free environment is due in large part to net neutrality, the principle that people should have […]

Rubicon Project CTO: ‘Second-price auctions still drive liquidity into the system’

The Rubicon Project is an example of a supply-side platform (SSP), which serves as a technological platform that helps website publishers maximize their revenues by channeling ads through an automated system. The main focus of this article is on the Rubicon Project’s CTO, Tom Kershaw, who claims that despite the recent shift towards first-price auctions, […]

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