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How artists find success through SoundCloud

Three Reasons Why SoundCloud *Is* Helping Artist Careers… This article describes how SoundCloud helps artists advance their careers. The first way that SoundCloud helps artists is that SoundCloud helps individuals discover new music since it is a platform for up and coming artists rather than established artists (which is the case for Spotify). This also […]

How Smart Bidders Can Manipulate Massive Auctions

This article studies the combinatorial clock auction format such as the spectrum auction conducted by the Federal Communications Commission where assets of different types are bought or sold simultaneously. This format involves an initial multi-round stage of bidders publicly declaring their interest in the assets at different price points, followed by a second round of […]

Revealing advertising auction types

This article describes how supply-side platforms (SSPs), such as AppNexus, OpenX, and the Rubicon Project, are just now starting to tell buyers what types of auctions they will be bidding in when purchasing advertising space on the web. SSPs are software that manages the selling of advertising through an automated fashion. According to the article, […]

Networks between Music Genres

I just discovered a website by Glenn Mcdonald, who is the curator for Spotify’s genre based music stations. The site uses Spotify’s wealth of music data to map the different genres of music (over 1,500) onto an axis where according to the creator “down is more organic, up is more mechanical and electric; left is […]

Programmatic advertising is preparing for the first-price auction era

Programmatic advertising is preparing for the first-price auction era Usually, when it comes to programmatic advertising, second-price auctions have been used for ad buyers. However, a lot of the time, these buyers are held in the dark by some supply-side platforms, of what type of auction it is and therefore complicates their bidding strategy. Because […]

Bargaining Behavior and Outcomes on Game Show “Divided”

This article summarizes data analysis done on the game show Divided, an interesting high-stakes situation for viewing a real life scenario of a more complex ultimatum game. The first part of this game has three contestants collaborate to answer trivia questions and accumulate prize money. The second part of the game is the subject of […]

Is eBay Trying to Kill Auctions with Make Offer? In the past week, eBay quietly added a “Best Offer” feature to auctions on the site.  This feature was previously only available for non-auction listings with fixed prices and classified ads.  The lack of announcement to sellers about the addition of this new feature is both confusing and infuriating buyers and sellers alike.  The […]

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