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Speed vs. Security: The Impact of Faster Protocols on the Web

In recent years, data speed has become increasingly important. The quality of the material available on the Web, such as the ongoing improvements in video resolution, has resulted in a greater amount of data being sent across the internet than ever before. This, of course, drives a need for faster internet. One such response to this […]

Strategizing Search Advertisement Positions The sponsored advertisements at the top of search results page, given a keyword (or a set of keywords), are popular among advertisers today to drive traffic to their websites. More importantly, they compete for rank positions within the sponsored ad space. General viewers are likely to expect to see names of established companies/brands right […]

PageRank PageRank is an algorithm used in the Google Search to rank websites in search results. This is extremely important for Google, as well as for website owners, and for Google Search users. Studies have shown that search users will mainly look at the top 4-5 search results, and will disregard the others. This creates […]

Modeling Roommate Dynamics as Social Power Networks

Modeling Roommate Dynamics as Social Power Networks Continuing with the roommate theme from my last post, every social circle has its quirks. Ideally, everyone in a close knit group of friends or roommates has a strong relationship with everyone else, but in reality most social groups are lopsided, poorly connected, and full of unequal relationships. […]

Google RankBrain

Google is constantly trying to update and improve their search engine features for users. Recently, Google has begun using a machine learning AI program called RankBrain along with its current PageRank algorithm to deliver optimized search results. RankBrain seeks to answer queries that even the smartest of Google’s employees cannot. As opposed to PageRank’s methods […]

Ad-blockers and the Search Industry

Google made $74.54 Billion of revenue in 2015. Of that, $67.39 billion came from advertisements. The service Google provides is not paid, we are not charged every time we search something. Instead, Google places heavily directed ads on its pages that target its users based on their browsing history in a series of complex programs […]

LinkedIn’s Relevance Scoring in Advertisements

I check LinkedIn every so often, when I get a new connection request or when I view who viewed my profile. That’s about it. But LinkedIn obviously has much more, as it is structured like Facebook, with a newsfeed and lengthy posts from people I never talk to. On the rare occasions I actually look […]

Power Rank – Redefining Sports Rankings

Rankings and statistics have always played a crucial role in the field of sports. Not only are rankings used to assess and gauge different teams, but they can also have real economic impacts, for example, in the sports betting market. However, most of us probably only take these rankings for granted without questioning how these rankings were […]

Doves over the Aegean Sea

One approach to unveil high rate of arms proliferation around the world is to use the game theory, specifically the Dove-Hawk game.  Suppose two countries are taking part in the dove-hawk game where they simultaneously choose whether to be aggressive or passive towards each other in their respective foreign policies. Each country hopes to establish […]

Mobile Advertisement

We spoke a lot about advertisements on search engines, but what about other forms of advertisement? Advertisements on the web are so prominent, but what about mobile advertisements? The effectiveness of small banner ads on the phone initially didn’t seem to grab as much attention as those on the desktop and they are harder to […]

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