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Google PageRank: A History and How Companies Tried to Cheat It

As we have discussed in class and the problem sets, PageRank is a powerful tool used by companies such as Google to ensure that higher quality pages are ranked earlier in search results (as a result of having more “page rank”.) While Google has achieved great success using the page rank algorithm, it recently decided […]

Lower PageRank: A Migrating Website’s Dilemma

Every web developer, company, or budding teen blogger desires more viewers to their website via more visibility on search engines. In order to accomplish this, these websites need higher PageRank and need to complete certain steps during search engine optimization or SEO. The latter is most important when trying to increase PageRank, yet many websites […]

Bargaining Power in Baseball

The life of a professional baseball player is not always as glamorous as one might think. For one, it is a long hard road to the big leagues, where players often spend years making nearly minimum wages while they chase their dream. Only a tiny fraction of professional ballplayers ever make it to the majors. […]

How Google’s PageRank Ruined the Web?

I am writing this blog post in response to an article written by Danny Sullivan titled “RIP Google PageRank score: A retrospective on how it ruined the web.” Recently in class we studied the PageRank algorithm. PageRank is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results. It can be perceived as a method of […]

Manipulating Google Search PageRanks

As expected, many business owners and marketing managers take on the challenge of ranking at the top of Google search results. The race to increase their visibility is reasonable as ranking first for a keyword in Google sends 33% of all traffic from that keyword and more traffic could mean more revenue. To produce the […]

Can game theory help solve the problem of climate change?

The solution to mitigating climate change could be found using game theory. Global warming is a direct result of carbon emissions from human activity. Carbon emissions can be viewed as a common-pool resource. All humans have the ability to produce carbon dioxide, and if limited, it can be produced sustainably. However, the activities that generate […]

Advertisement Quality on Google

              The way Google ads are priced is based on this formula: (Competitor Ad Rank/Your Quality Score) + .01 = Actual Cost Per Click. The Competitor Ad Rank essentially refers to the bid one places to have their ad displayed and the quality score is the quality of the ad as judged by Google. This means […]

Airline Auctions

Every person has a willingness to pay for an item and if markets are able to price discriminate these groups and charge people with more demand more for the item, they can maximize their profit, but not the buyer’s welfare. In class, we spoke mainly about the equilibrium that maximizes the buyer’s welfare, but we […]

Search Engine Optimization

Before you follow the link, note that it really serves more as a platform for discussion in this post and the reading the entire article is not required. Just read enough to get an idea of what its purpose is and what its saying (feel free to read more than that if you’re curious.) Link Here […]

How digitalized networks can solve tax evasion.

This article by The Economist analyzes the beneficial effect of digitalizing the economy. More precisely, it shows how such changes make it harder to avoid paying taxes, therefore reducing the informal economy – the part of an economy that is neither taxed nor monitored by any form of government. The main reason why people are […]

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