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Youtube Search Algorithm Like search engines such as Google and Yahoo, Youtube has ranking algorithms. Both Youtube and companies like Google and Yahoo earn money from ad revenue, so it these companies are all interested in promoting quality content whether that be webpages or videos. However, videos cannot be ranked on the same criteria as a web […]

The WikiRace Game

Procrastinators and History Buffs alike have probably all heard of this game in some form or another.  Though it goes by several names and can vary in rules or strategies, the basic premise is always the same; Get from one Wikipedia page to another in the most efficient way possible.  Whether you and your opponent are racing […]

How to Maximize Bidding Activity on eBay Auction Listings

In this article, Mathew Leach discusses the psychology behind eBay auction bidding. The common practice in first price auction as we went over in class would be to bid the value you think the item is worth. Thus, if you win, you get the item for the price you value it at without overpaying; and […]

People Working for Less Than the Minimum Wage

India has been battling poverty since her independence in 1947. Poverty has clearly been one of the biggest problems in the nation. Many steps have been taken by the government over the years, various plans have been introduced out of which the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) has been the most promising […]

Building a Search Engine: Considerations Difference Between Google’s and Bing’s Algorithm Building a search engine is a massive undertaking. It takes a lot of careful thought and processing power. The first article at the top of this post brings to light some of the core issues that developers face when tackling such a problem. An important part of a […]

The Modification of PageRank for Scientific Importance

When Google created the PageRank system, it was probably unprecedented how it would spread wildly for so many different purposes.  What started as a system to measure the importance websites had wide implications, one of which was for the categorization and importance of scientific papers.  Scientific research is, as we’ve covered in class, a giant […]

The Customer is Always Right

If you were to ask a random person on the street, “What is the largest company in America,” odds are that a good number of them would respond with Facebook or Google. Both companies earn a lot of revenue from advertisers, thereby making advertisers a key part of their business models; however, both companies also […]

Facebook: what’s on my newsfeed?

What Does Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Change Mean for Publishers? As Usual, No One Really Knows Making sure that peoples’ newsfeeds are populated with content relevant to them is a key factor contributing to Facebook success. After all, everyone would jump ship if his or her newsfeed was filled with irrelevant garbage with a sprinkling of […]

Game Theory as it Relates to Endorsements in the 2016 Presidential Election

Endorsements for President are an often overlooked intricacy of presidential elections.  From beginning to end, hundreds of athletes, celebrities, and politicians will endorse a primary or general election nominee.  Adding to the list of unique aspects of the 2016 election, endorsements in this year’s cycle have changed dramatically from those of 2012.  Take for example, […]

How to Fool Google

Link: The world’s favorite search engine, Google, is known for its high quality results that are calculated by it’s PageRank algorithm. Enormous amounts of time and money have been devoted to make sure Google’s search results are as accurate as possible. Nonetheless, websites have found clever ways to abuse the PageRank algorithm and lift […]

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