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Fantasy Football Auction Strategy

We have learned about various kinds of auction and thought about which strategy is the best based on conditions of auction. The easiest and most popular real-case example of auction is in sports. In the past, when people play sports game, the success of draft is determined by a luck and good strategy sometimes. However, […]

Government Intervenes in Healthcare Market   Recently, due to new laws, insurers are bailing out of the Health law’s market and the Obama administration fears that this will cause their customers to also leave the market. Financial losses are causing Insurers to leave the market and younger people are staying out of the market, even knowing they could be […]

‘FOMO’ a vicious circle for social media users   As the use of social networks has risen, our society has become more and more connected to not only our friends but to strangers as well.  We are constantly seeing what they are posting, tweeting, snapchatting etc., and while this connectedness can be considered a good thing, it is having some negative effects […]

Matching Markets and Organ Transplants,2008.pdf   Matching Markets are useful in theory, but in reality, the concept of perfect market matchings are sometimes not so easily applied. Specifically, the applications of Matching Market concepts on organ donations is often debated upon. In an article titled “Economists Study Says Paying for Organs Could Cut Wait Lists” by Kevin B. O’Reilly, […]

Search Engine Manipulation Effect and the 2016 Presidential Election

Over a billion people worldwide use Google’s search engine to scour the internet in search of pages containing any number of search results.  Few of these people, however, realize how much power Google has in shaping our societal opinions and behaviors. Research by psychologist and professor Robert Epstein, published in the Proceedings of the National […]

Flip-Flopping Republican Endorsements (A Game Theoretic Examination)   This article examines the flip-flopping of Republican endorsement of their presumptive candidate for the election to be President of the United States, Donald Trump. It notes that the seemingly indecisive flip-flopping on the part of Republicans can be explained by economic and game theory. It is important to note that most politicians want […]

Clown Panic Fueled by Social Media

With the approach of Halloween in a few weeks, there has been a widespread clown panic taking over the nation. Originating from alleged sightings in South Carolina in August 2016, the phenomenon has spread throughout the United States and has even shown up overseas in the U.K. What is fueling this mass hysteria? Social media. […]

Social Interactions Affecting Web Search Ranking

For the longest time Google has always gone with the rhetoric that any kind of social interaction on the internet do not factor into search rankings. However, what most of Google’s statements on this issue add up to is the fact that social interactions are not used to directly determine search rankings. This kind of […]

Job Search and Network Composition: Implications of the Strength-Of-Weak-Ties Hypothesis

This paper talks about workers finding jobs through personal contacts (weak and strong ties) and formal sources. It analyses two formulations of the strength-of-weak-ties hypothesis. The first formulation is weak ties relay job offers more frequently than both strong ties. The second formulation is weak tie offers are drawn from a better distribution. The paper […]

Braess’ Paradox and Building Roads In the linked article from CityLab, the writer discusses different state departments of transportation and their propensity to add or widen roads in order to reduce traffic congestion. More specifically, and against this trend, California’s DOT actually recently acknowledged that increased road capacity does not necessarily mean less traffic, and can even have the […]

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