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Google’s Release of Penguin 4.0

Google has recently updated its page-ranking algorithm Penguin with version 4.0. While it has many noticeable improvements from the previous version, the critics are anticipating some drawbacks as well. Google Penguin was first updated in April 2012 (after Google announced Google Panda, which is the primary version of Penguin) that “dramatically overhauled the way Google […]

Hashtags and Information Retrieval on Twitter

While an average tweet by itself might not contain a wealth of content, an average day of tweeting does, by an impressive degree. Twitter handles an average of 500 million tweets per day, and around 200 billion tweets per year, (as of 2013), and the number of Twitter users is only growing larger.[1] With such […]

Game Theory in Politics: Appointment of a Supreme Court Justice

One of the many reasons why this upcoming presidential election is so important is that the next president will probably have the duty of appointing a Supreme Court justice to fill the vacant seat left by the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Because justices have the right to hold their office until death or retirement, this […]

News Outlets and Social Media Giants: Power shifts and relationships This article discusses the relationships between news outlets/media companies and the social media giants that purchase them. There are pros to this partnership, such as amped up “referral traffic for publishers,” but these come at the cost of divided revenue and control over content promotion. This relates to our class discussion of power in […]

Social Media Hubs Today, the idea of hand-writing a letter and mailing it through the post office is becoming outdated. Social media is becoming more and more popular to contact others and is beginning to become the go-to method to network. More specifically, according to the article, financial advisers are using social media as a lucrative tool […]

Strategically Pricing

Source: This article discusses what business owners should consider when pricing their products and what strategies to use in order to successfully grow their business. Most business owners use margins as markups and match their competitors’ prices to price their products. In addition, they should consider what the buyers are actually willing to pay and […]

Hyenas Prefer To Buddy Up With ‘Friends Of Friends’     Friendships are very crucial to humans and choosing what group of friends to belong to is very daunting for teens. These concepts about friendships can be applied to hyenas. A team of researchers in Kenya collected 55,000 observations of social interactions of Kenyan spotted hyenas over a 20-year period. Through these observations, […]

Online Dating and Matching Markets

Article link: Generations ago, finding that special person who you’ll spend the rest of your life with tended to be extremely difficult.  There was no texting, no e-mail, no Facebook, no internet.  However, nowadays, individuals turn to finding a significant other via the digital internet.  There’s a plethora of dating services available at our […]

Targeted Ads Based on our Online Behavior

In class we have learned about links, their direction and how there are different web page ranks. Some web pages have a greater rank than others based on how many pages direct to them as well as the consumer behavior that is based on clicks. Now, have you ever wondered why a certain group of ads […]

Triadic Closure in Animals Not found in just human relationships, triadic closure, is also found among animal groups. Triadic closure is found in hyenas, who crete bonds with friends of their friends. Hyenas use such bonding method as it increases cooperation and maximizes their group strength. Such clustering, existent in human relationships ever since the hunter-gathering times, has […]

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